Motorola 68k support

early M68000

The Motorola m68k family of CISC microprocessors were 32-bit from the start, and the primary competitor to the Intel x86 family in the early personal computers.

Motorola 68000 family CPUs where used in Apple, Amiga, and Atari personal computers, Sun and Next workstations, as well as the first PostScript(tm) laser printers and many other machines.

M68k and derivative processors are still widely used in embedded applications - including new designs.

In the T2 SDE support for the m68k architecture was only started recently and currently only supports the uClibc C-library.

According to the upstream Linux m68k page, current releases of the m68k kernel are stable on the Amiga, Atari, many Apple Macintosh models, and several VMEbus single-board computers from BVM, Motorola and Tadpole. In addition, ports are underway (with varying levels of progress) to the HP 9000/300 series, the NeXT workstation (black hardware), the Q40 and Q60, and Sun 3 series workstations.

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