AVR32 support

Atmel AVR32 Video

The AVR32 is a 32-bit RISC microprocessor architecture designed by Atmel. The AVR32 Instruction Set Architecture consists of 16-bit (compact) and 32-bit (extended) instructions, with several specialized DSP-like instructions. The AVR32 was designed for extremely efficient code density and performance per clock cycle.

Fully functional support was added in cooperation with Atmel in early 2007 making T2 the first Linux "distribution" to support this new architecture!

T2 generated binaries play MP3 at about 30% and Ogg/Vorbis at 50% CPU load on the 140MHz reference board while mid-sized MPEG2 streams saturate the CPU. This results are even more impressing considering that the kernel and applications have to resist and share the just 8MB of SRAM present on the development board!

The reference implementation was showcasted at the T2 booth of the CeBIT 2007, hall 5 G68/4.

AVR32 LCD screen

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Primary developer:
Rene Rebe, ExactCODE GmbH
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