T2 SDE commercial support

Since the T2 SDE is often used in commercial embedded-, industrial- applications or appliances more and more companies ask for commercial support.

As T2 is an open source project, founded and lead by René Rebe's ExactCODE GmbH in Germany support is available from ExactCODE as well as other, independant companies and freelances, world wide. Please also consider to donate. Every bit or Cent counts!

The means of support can vary from creating packages or custom targets as needed, adding support for new or custom CPU designs or board support as well as to help tracking down problems or whole appliance / application design and development.

ExactCODE Gmbh, Germany, Berlin. Board support packages, ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, RISCV, x86 and FPGAs. Innovative and secure application development.

If you feel like you are missing in the list above and should be listed, please contact the T2 development list with your company and contact details.