CPU architectures support in T2

As T2 comes with a sophisticated build system with support for cross compiling including the bootstrap of a cross toolchain it is fairly easy to use T2 to build or port to new architectures.

The various T2 contributors have different needs ranging from embedded devices over normal end-user workstations, e.g. for office use, and server systems including high-performance-cluster systems. T2 includes support for an equally wide range of CPU architectures - from the tiniest system on a chip modules to multi CPU enterprise servers.

Many T2 packages can be cross compiled, with alternative C libraries - optimized for small size - available. T2 can be used to create very small embedded systems down to just 2 to 4 MB ROM / RAM.

With many third party kernel add-ons, such as additional wireless and camera driver and real-time extensions, T2 is well suited to for rapid development - to finish your projects in-time.