owb: Origyn Web Browser designed for CE devices1

OWB is a web browser designed for CE devices such as mobile phones, portable media players, Set Top Boxes and TV decoders, and any other consumer electronic product (GPS, home-gateways, Web-radios, PVR, DVD recorders, wireless devices etc.).

... part of T2, get it here

URL: http://www.sand-labs.org/owb/

Author: Jean-Charles VerdiƄ, Pleyo
Maintainer: Susanne Klaus <susan [at] t2-project [dot] org>

License: GPL
Status: Alpha
Version: 1.0

Download: http://www.sand-labs.org/downloads/sources/ OWB_sources.tar.bz2

T2 source: hotfix.patch
T2 source: owb.cache
T2 source: owb.desc

Build time (on reference hardware): 100% (relative to binutils)2

Installed size (on reference hardware): 9.40 MB, 11 files

Dependencies (build time detected): 00-dirtree binutils bison cmake coreutils curl diffutils findutils flex freetype gawk gperf grep icu4c libidn libsdl libsdl_gfx libx11 libxau libxdmcp libxext libxml libxrandr libxrender libxslt linux-header m4 make openssl patch perl sed sysfiles tar zlib

Installed files (on reference hardware): [show]

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2) Compatible with Linux From Scratch's "Standard Build Unit" (SBU).