Organization of This Book

The chapters that follow and their contents are listed here:

Chapter 1, Introduction

Is a short introduction to T2.

Chapter 2, Basic Concepts

Covers the history of the T2 SDE as well as its features, architecture, components - a general overview and why it is different.

Chapter 3, Hardware and Kernel Support

Is a short overview about the hardware architectures as well as the Operating Systems so far support by T2.

Chapter 4, Building T2

Outlines how to build your own flavour of T2 from the provided source code repository.

Chapter 5, Inside T2

Describes the internals of T2, the package descriptions, the build system, the configuration and all the details from a developer's point of view. It further demonstrates how to create new package as well as the automated build process in great detail. Followed by in-depth descriptions of the hooks and variables available to take over control.

Chapter 6, T2 Target Development

Covers how to create custom targets, that is Linux solutions and appliances with T2. How to control all the details and permanently keep the configuration, cleanly separated from the remaining T2 source tree.

Chapter 7, Installation

Walks through a classic, textual installation of an installable end-user T2 flavour as well as the LiveCD and gives some specific hints for embedded boards and the Wrt2 wireless router.

Chapter 8, Configuration

Discusses the various configuration details, from CPU architecture dedicated boot loaders and their specific configuration settings over users and permissions to other every day preferences and tweaks.

Appendix A, Partitioning Examples

Describes the details of platform dependant partitioning and the related software tools.

Appendix B, Serial Console

Discusses how to use a serial console for headless servers and embedded boards (or just for debugging).