Chapter 7. Installation

Table of Contents

Optical Media (CD-ROM, DVD)
Standard Boot/Root Floppies
Create Boot/Root Floppies
Create a Single Boot/Root Floppy
Hard Disk
Classic, Textual Install
Preparing for an Installation
CD-ROM Booting on x86
CD-ROM Booting on PowerPC
CD-ROM Booting on SPARC
Bootable Floppies
Boot (First Stage)
Installation (Second Stage)
Partitioning the Hard-Drives
Installation Source
Post Installation
Shared Libraries Error
Out of Disk Space
X Fontconfig Does Not Start
X Has No Window Manager
Exceptional Installation Methods (for Expert Use)
Extracting the Boot-Disks to a Hard-Disk
Direct Installation
1:1 Copy Using DD
1:1 Copy Using Tar
1:1 Copy Using Rsync
Making it bootable
Package management
Package meta-data
Installing or Updating a Package From Source
Installing or Updating a Binary Package
Removing a Package
Consistency Checking of an Installed Package

This subsection gives a brief overview over the installation variants how to install T2 Linux on new machines.