Chapter 4. Building T2

Table of Contents

Downloading the T2 Source Code
Using the Scripts
Updating the T2 Source Tree
Switching to Another Tree or Version
Building the Target
Preparing the Build System
Configuring the T2 Build
Downloading the Package Sources
Missing Files?
Fixing URLs
Download Tips
Unknown Files
The Actual Compilation Phase
Build Errors
Build Summary
Creating an ISO Image (for CD-ROM Installation)
Building More Than One Target
Building a Single Package
chroot: cannot run command `bin/bash'
Found shared files with other packages:
Command Not Found
mount: you must specify the filesystem type
Free Disk Space
Building On a non-T2 Systems
Bootfloppy Images
Building a Required Package Manually
Fixing Broken Packages
Build a Standard Edition First
Watch Progress
Cluster Build - the Build Speedup
Set the 'nice' Level
scripts/Config -cfg kiosk
scripts/Download -cfg kiosk
scripts/Build-Target -cfg kiosk

And Create-ISO accepts config names accordingly:

scripts/Create-ISO mycdset kiosk

Create-ISO allows to sort more than one build into the ISO files, for example to create mixed CPU architecture media or to add a rescue target along the main system:

scripts/Create-ISO mycdset kiosk rescue

Additional options include:

Usage: scripts/Create-ISO [ -size MB ] [ -source ] [ -mkdebug ] [ -nomd5 ]
       ISO-Prefix [ Config [ .. ] ]

E.g.: scripts/Create-ISO mycdset system rescue