docbook-tools: Collection of tools to work on and format DocBook documents1

docbook-tools is a collection of all the free software tools you need to work on and format DocBook documents. the sourceware are all conveniently available from a single place if you're using some other OS.

For those curious about DocBook, it is an SGML (or XML) DTD for writing technical manuals that cover hardware or software. It provides a standardized set of tags for all the kinds of things you need when you're writing software documentation and such things.

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Author: Eric Bischoff <e [dot] bischoff [at] noos [dot] fr>
Author: Mark Galassi <rosalia [at] galassi [dot] org>
Author: Jochem Huhmann <joh [at] revier [dot] com>
Author: Steve Cheng <steve [at] ggi-project [dot] org>
Author: Frederik Fouvry <fouvry [at] sfs [dot] nphil [dot] uni-tuebingen [dot] de>
Author: Tim Waugh <twaugh [at] redhat [dot] com>
Maintainer: The T2 Project <t2 [at] t2-project [dot] org>

License: GPL
Status: Stable
Version: 0.6.14

Download: docbook-utils-0.6.14.tar.gz

T2 source: docbook-tools.cache
T2 source: docbook-tools.desc
T2 source: hotfix.patch

Build time (on reference hardware): 5% (relative to binutils)2

Installed size (on reference hardware): 0.02 MB, 6 files

Dependencies (build time detected): coreutils diffutils findutils gawk grep make openjade patch sed sysfiles tar

Installed files (on reference hardware): n.a.

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2) Compatible with Linux From Scratch's "Standard Build Unit" (SBU).