T2 @Live - The live CD (target)

Due to the nature of the automated build system, creating an image that automatically boots into a graphical desktop environment for immediate access to the computer is just one of the many implementations possible with T2.

The historic proof of concept live CD target inherited from ROCK Linux was quite weak. For the T2 6.0 release the live CD code was completely reimplemented from scratch with real graphic card detection and state of the art open source components:

GRUB live
  • SquashFS for the the compressed root filesystem
  • UnionFS for copy on write overlays
  • u/dev (instead of devfs)
  • hotplug++ for fast hardware detection from the early userspace on
  • D-BUS and HAL for easy use of volumes attached to the computer
  • graphical network configuration
  • Furthermore the LiveCD no longer is a static T2 build target, but a flexible build output post-processing that can be applied to any other custom target (given it matches a few minimal constraints such as including squashfs & unionfs as well as the usual default T2 early user-space statically linked with dietlibc).

    The work in progress releases are available here:
    with former test releases still here: http://dl.t2sde.org/binary/unstable/

    Hardware requirements:

    T2 Live Desktop
  • at least a 200 Mhz class CPU
  • with 128MB of RAM
  • Recommended:
  • 500 Mhz class CPU for a smooth user experience
  • with 256MB of RAM (for enhanced caching)
  • We also maintain a list of already certified hardware.

    Primary developer:
    René ’ebe
    Valentin Ziegler