A modern hotplug implementation

The classical hotplug implementations such as hotplug as well as rockplug are written in shell code and thus not only slow but also quite unsuited for use in initial ramdisks of installation media, early userspace or other embedded tasks.

The C implemented hotplug-ng does come near, however is, as all the historic Unix stuff, written in C - where in T2 Project want to explore whether C++ (here of course in it's embedded variant) can help to avoid common C mistakes and thus deliver a more stable and maintainable code base.

The work-in-progress code is available in the usual Subversion repository here:

It is not only tiny (50kB, statically linked) but also scans PCI and USB devices on a fully populated desktop computer in about 50ms!

Primary developer:
René Rebe
Juergen George Sawinski