Embedded Target

Due to its flexibility and scalability, T2 is an interesting system development environment for embedded systems and provides a framework to develop and build custom Linux based systems.

Instead of starting to build everything from scratch manually, one can benefit from all the existing architectures and extensive package repository.

But there are even more advantages maintaining the product: A T2 target build can be instantly reproduced and it is easy to perform slight modifications and rebuild without having to do everything again and again, "manually".

Together with the support for different compilers and space saving options like dietLibC and uClibC and optional, space-optimized utilities, T2 gives interesting perspectives for the development of embedded systems. With uClibC and dietLibC the creation of very small Linux systems that fit in just 2-4 MB of ROM and RAM is possible.

The T2 embedded target also allows to generate board support packages (BSP, to hand to customers together with specific, Linux targetting development boards.

With developers around the world, T2 is best suited for commercial scale products, especially in the embedded and high performance clustering market.