T-Resc Target

T-Resc Live

T-Resc is a tiny rescue system based on uClibC and K-drive Xvesa/Xfb for minimal size.

Furthermore aside these basic choices, many programs are replaced with their small-size clones: vim -> nvi, emacs -> zile, grep -> ugrep, GNU/sed -> minised, sysvinit et al. -> minit, fgetty et al. ...

As usual for the lastest T2 Live code based target builds, T-Resc allows extensions and permanant write overlays. (more...)


Technology preview images can be found on our servers:

dl.t2sde.org/binary/unstable/8.0.../t-resc T2 8.0 based (gcc-4.2+isolinux)
dl.t2sde.org/binary/unstable/7.0.../t-resc T2 7.0 based (gcc-4.0+grub)

The current release is not yet as small as targeted, because we did not yet remove all the tiny but accumulating utilties seldom used - if at all.

The FOSS community is very much invited to define what other tools should be packed into it or beeing removed!

Primary developer:
Rene Rebe