Mango Pi MQ-Pro D1 and T2/Linux

MQ-Pro D1

The Mango Pi MQ-Pro D1 was one of the first really cheap 64-bit RISCV Linux capable SBC using a 1GHz Allwinner D1 SoC. It is based on the OpenSource T-Head XuanTie C906 RV64IMAFDC(V) RTL core. A Single-issue in-order execution, 5-stage integer pipelin with 128-bit Vector extension, T-Head vendor specific Thread, Bit and CMOV extension and an additional 600 MHz Tensilica HiFi4 DSP.


As one of the earlist CPU cores to implement the RISCV-V Vector extension, it implements an early 0.7 draft from 2019, binary and source incompatible with the final 1.0 Vector extension.

Performance Index

25:38m to build bash-5.2-015 w/ gcc-13.1 (LTO, -Osmartest), 6.1-rc3
26:49m to build bash-5.2-015 w/ gcc-13.1 (no-LTO, -Osmartest), 6.1-rc3


processor : 0
hart : 0
isa : rv64imafdcvu
mmu : sv39
uarch : thead,c906