Atmel ATNGW100 T2/Linux


The (AT) NGW100 was the second, and way cheaper, development kit released by Atmel for developers to adapt to the newly invented AVR32 architecture.

In contrast to the SD-RAM equipped STK1000, the NGW100 comes with slower D-RAM, but 4 times as much memory: 32 MB instead of just 8MB.

Without display the NGW100 is more intended for network products, and due to the lower price can be used to base for products.


processor : 0
cpu family : AVR32B revision 1
cpu type : AP7000 revision 0
i-cache : 16K (4 ways x 128 sets x 32)
d-cache : 16K (4 ways x 128 sets x 32)
bogomips : 260.38

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