T2 SVN write access

Getting SVN write access for T2 is as easily as getting write access for most other open source projects.

To ensure quality of the SVN tree we have to make sure, that committers will stick to the goal set by the T2 project team, so you first have to send some initial patches to the mailing-list so we have an idea what you want to contribute and that it matches the overal project quality standards.

When it has been proven that your contributions are at the normal quality level and well thought out, you just need to send a mail asking for write access.

Normally we add your account data within a few hours. Since apache is used as frontend server, we need a compatible password hash which can easily be obtained using htpasswd:

htpasswd -n your-username

Write access is granted via https://, only - so that the password hashes can not be sniffed. You can check what protocol you used to checkout the T2 sources by running:

svn info
in your T2 working copy. It should return among others the line:
URL: https://svn.exactcode.de/t2/trunk
If this just yield http:// or svn:// as protocol you need to switch your repository to https://. This can be archived wihtout checking everyhting out again by just running:
svn switch --relocate {svn,https}://svn.exactcode.de/t2/trunk
in the root of your T2 working copy.