kbarcode: A barcode and label printing application1

Package available in: [trunk] [8.0] [7.0] [6.0]

KBarcode is a barcode and label printing application for KDE. It can be used to print every thing from simple business cards up to complex labels with several barcodes (e.g. article descriptions).

KBarcode comes with an easy to use WYSIWYG label designer, batch import of labels (directly from the delivery note), thousands of predefined labels and database managment tools. Even printing more than 10.000 labels in one go is no problem for KBarcode.

... part of T2, get it here

URL: http://www.kbarcode.net/

Author: Dominik Seichter <domseichter [at] web [dot] de>
Maintainer: Rene Rebe <rene [at] t2-project [dot] org>

License: GPL
Status: Beta
Version: 2.0.6

Download: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/kbarcode/ kbarcode-2.0.6.tar.gz

T2 source: kbarcode.cache
T2 source: kbarcode.desc

Build time (on reference hardware): 70% (relative to binutils)2

Installed size (on reference hardware): 1.68 MB, 42 files

Dependencies (build time detected): 00-dirtree acl arts attr autoconf automake bash binutils bzip2 cf coreutils diffutils expat fam findutils fontconfig freetype gawk gcc gettext glibc grep imake kdelibs libart libdnet libdrm libice libidn libjpeg libpng libsm libx11 libxau libxcb libxcursor libxdmcp libxext libxfixes libxft libxinerama libxmu libxrandr libxrender libxt libxxf86vm linux-header m4 make mesa mktemp net-tools pcre perl qt sed sysfiles tar xproto zlib

Installed files (on reference hardware): n.a.

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2) Compatible with Linux From Scratch's "Standard Build Unit" (SBU).