icewm: A small, but powerful X11 window manager1

Package available in: [trunk] [8.0] [7.0] [6.0] [2.1]

Window Manager for X Window System. Can emulate the look of Windows'95, OS/2, Warp 3,4, Motif or the Java Metal GUI. Tries to take the best features of the above systems. Features multiple workspaces, opaque move/resize, task bar, window list, mailbox status, digital clock. Fast and small.

IceWM is themeable. Every setting from the preferences file can be changed by a theme. This includes titlebars, borders, icons, events, the taskbar, etc. IceWM supports pixmapped and non-pixmapped themes.

Some other features are "Fully GNOME compliant", "KDE hint support", "Internal per-app based session and property management" and it is "Fully controllable without mouse".

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Author: Marko Macek { Project leader }
Author: Mathias Hasselmann <mathias [dot] hasselmann [at] gmx [dot] de> { Packager }
Maintainer: The T2 Project <t2 [at] t2-project [dot] org>

License: LGPL
Status: Stable
Version: 1.3.0

Download: icewm-1.3.0.tar.gz

T2 source: icewm.cache
T2 source: icewm.conf
T2 source: icewm.desc

Build time (on reference hardware): 40% (relative to binutils)2

Installed size (on reference hardware): 2.41 MB, 379 files

Dependencies (build time detected): bash binutils bzip2 cf coreutils diffutils expat findutils fontconfig freetype gawk gcc gettext glibc grep imake imlib kdelibs libice libjpeg libpng libsm libtiff libungif libx11 libxau libxdmcp libxext libxft libxinerama libxrandr libxrender linux-header make mkfontdir mkfontscale mktemp net-tools procps randrproto renderproto sed sysfiles tar util-linux xextproto xineramaproto xproto zlib

Installed files (on reference hardware): n.a.

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2) Compatible with Linux From Scratch's "Standard Build Unit" (SBU).