firewalk: A traceroute like tool to determine gateway ACL filters and to map networks1

Firewalking is a technique developed by MDS and DHG that employs traceroute-like techniques to analyze IP packet responses to determine gateway ACL filters and map networks. Firewalk the tool employs the technique to determine the filter rules in place on a packet forwarding device. The newest version of the tool, firewalk/GTK introduces the option of using a graphical interface and a few bug fixes.

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Author: Mike D. Schiffman <mike [at] infonexus [dot] com>
Author: David Goldsmith
Maintainer: The T2 Project <t2 [at] t2-project [dot] org>

License: BSD
Status: Stable
Version: 5.0

Download: firewalk-5.0.tgz

T2 source: firewalk.cache
T2 source: firewalk.desc
T2 source: hotfix-gcc4.patch

Build time (on reference hardware): 0% (relative to binutils)2

Installed size (on reference hardware): 0.24 MB, 6 files

Dependencies (build time detected): 00-dirtree autoconf automake binutils coreutils diffutils findutils grep libdnet libnet libpcap linux-header make patch perl sed sysfiles tar texinfo

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