edje: A complex graphical design & layout library1

Edje should serve all the purposes of creating visual elements, like Shockwave / FLASH and more (borders of windows, scrollbars, etc.) and allow the designer the ability to animate, layout and control the look and feel of any program using Edje as its basic GUI constructor. This library allows for multiple collections of Layouts in one file, sharing the same image database and thus allowing a whole theme to be conveneintly packaged into 1 file and shipped around.

... part of T2, get it here

URL: https://www.enlightenment.org

Author: Rasterman <raster [at] rasterman [dot] com>
Maintainer: Rene Rebe <rene [at] t2-project [dot] org>

License: GPL
Status: Alpha
Version: 1.0.0.beta2

Download: http://download.enlightenment.org/releases/ edje-1.0.0.beta2.tar.bz2

T2 source: edje.cache
T2 source: edje.desc

Build time (on reference hardware): 30% (relative to binutils)2

Installed size (on reference hardware): 2.43 MB, 200 files

Dependencies (build time detected): autoconf automake binutils coreutils diffutils edb eet embryo evas findutils freetype gawk grep libjpeg libpng libtool libx11 libxau libxcursor libxdmcp libxext libxfixes libxinerama libxp libxrandr libxrender linux-header m4 make openssl perl sed sysfiles tar util-linux zlib

Installed files (on reference hardware): [show]

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2) Compatible with Linux From Scratch's "Standard Build Unit" (SBU).