T2 SDE - 6.0 - packages

T2 comes with an extensive list of package meta data descriptions, defining how to build packages from the source. You can think of them like recipes.

This is an automatically generated list of all packages currently available in the T2 SDE "6.0" source tree:

Package name - TitleVersionRepositoryLicense
00-dirtree - Directory tree framework0000base GPL
7zip - A file compression utility4.42archiver LGPL
915resolution - Intel Video BIOS Hack0.5.2contrib PublicDomain
99-final - Target specific finalization framework0000base GPL
a2ps - Converts text and other types of files to PostScript(TM)4.13bgraphic GPL
a52dec - A free ATSC A/52 stream decoder0.7.4audio GPL
aalib - A low level gfx library that works on any kind of terminal1.4rc5graphic LGPL
abiword - The GNOME wordprocessor2.4.5gnome2 GPL
aboot - Bootloader for the Alpha architecture0.9balpha GPL
acdctl - A commandline utility to control VESA-compliant USB connected display1.1base GPL
acl - POSIX Access Control Lists2.2.32base GPL
acpid - A daemon for delivering ACPI events1.0.4x86 GPL
acroread - A PDF Reader7.0office Restricted
acx100 - The ACX100/ACX111 wireless network driver project0.3.11-20051003network MPL
adaptec-usbxchange - Firmware for the Adaptec USBXchange and USB2Xchange adapters0firmware Free-to-use
addresses - A versatile address book application for GNUstep0.4.6gnustep GPL
adm8211 - ADM8211 GPL driver20050323network GPL
afio - A cpio replacement with built-in compression2.5archiver GPL
afpl-ghostpcl - PCL interpreter and previewer1.40graphic Commercial
afpl-ghostscript - PostScript and PDF interpreter and previewer8.50graphic Commercial
afterstep - A NextSTEP alike window manager2.2.2x11 GPL
aide - Free replacement for Tripwire(tm)0.10security GPL
aircrack-ng - A set of tools for auditing wireless networks.0.9.1security GPL
alien - A package converter8.62archiver GPL
allegro - A game programming library4.2.0games OpenSource
alleyoop - A GNOME frontend to the Valgrind memory checker0.9.2gnome2 GPL
alliance - A free VLSI cad system5.0-20050217scientific GPL
alsa-driver - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture kernel drivers1.0.11audio GPL
alsa-firmware - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture firmware1.0.11audio Free-to-use
alsa-lib - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture1.0.11audio GPL
alsa-oss - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture1.0.11audio GPL
alsa-plugins - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Plugins1.0.11audio GPL
alsa-tools - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture1.0.11audio GPL
alsa-utils - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture utilities1.0.11audio GPL
alsaplayer - PCM audio player for Linux and compatible OSes0.99.77-r1audio GPL
alternatives - Alternatives system0.2.0develop OpenSource
amap - A next-generation scanning tool for pentesters5.2security GPL
amarok - A KDE music player1.4.7kde GPL
amsn - A clone of the original MSN Messenger0.94network GPL
amule - An "all-platform" eMule client2.1.2network GPL
amyedit - A Gtkmm LaTeX Editor1.0editors GPL
anjuta - A versatile Integrated Development Environment2.0.2gnome2 GPL
anomy-mailtools - An email vulnerability protector and sanitizer1.76mail GPL
antidote - An ARP poisoning detector0.5.10security GPL
antiword - A free MS Word reader for Linux and RISC OS0.37office GPL
aoetools - Tools for the ATA over Ethernet (AoE) network storage protocol10network GPL
aop - Ambassador of Pain0.6games GPL
apache - The HTTP web server2.2.4network APL
apache-ant - A Java-based build tool1.6.5java APL
apg - A random password generator2.2.3security BSD
apmd - User level programs to control advanced power management system3.0.2x86 GPL
apollon - Filesharing tool1.0.2.1network GPL
appres - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
apr - A free portable runtime library1.2.7develop APL
apr-util - APR Utility library1.2.7develop APL
apr_memcache - A memcache C library that uses apr and apr-utils0.7.0develop OpenSource
aqbanking - A generic interface to online banking2.0.0office GPL
aqhbci - A backend for HBCI1.2.0attic GPL
aqhbci-qt - A Qt wizard for aqhbci1.0.7aattic GPL
aqmoney2 - A cli homebanking program.1.9.5office GPL
arcboot - Boot-loader for MIPS0.3.8.7mips GPL
archetypes - A development framework of new Plone content types1.3.2-finalzope OpenSource
arcload - Boot-loader for SGI/ARCS machines0.43mips GPL
ardour - A multitrack, multichannel audio recorder/non-linear editor0.99.2audio GPL
argus - A network Audit Record Generation and Utilization System2.0.6network OpenSource
arphound - An ethernet traffic monitoring and problem reporting tool1.3.1network GPL
arping - Sending arp and/or ip pings to a given host2.05network GPL
arptables - ARP packet filtering administration0.0.3-2security GPL
arpwatch - Monitors MAC/IP pairings2.1a13network GPL
arpwatch-ng - A network monitoring tool for tracking IP/MAC addresses on a network1.2network GPL
arts - The KDE audio server and realtime synthesizer1.5.6kde GPL
asc - A Battle Isle (I/II) like multiplayer strategy game1.16.3.0games GPL
asciidoc - Text based document generation7.1.2textproc OpenSource
ash - NetBSD's ash (Almquist sh) for Linux0.2shells GPL
aspell - A More Intelligent Ispell0.60.4dictionary GPL
aspell-de - The German dictonary for aspell20030222-1dictionary GPL
aspell-en - The English dictonary for aspell6.0-0dictionary Free-to-use
aspell-es - The Spanish dictonary for aspell0.50-2dictionary GPL
aspell-fr - The French dictonary for aspell0.50-3dictionary GPL
asterisk - Open source linux pbx1.2.13network GPL
asterisk-addons - Various modules and addons for the Asterisk Open Source PBX.1.2.2network GPL
asterisk-sounds - Default IVR files and miscellaneous sound files.1.2.1network GPL
asterisk_php - PHP integration into the Asterisk PBX0.2adevelop GPL
astguiclient - Software which extends the functions of Asterisk with end-user Web clients1.1.11network GPL
asymptote - script-based vector graphics language1.03graphic GPL
at - Job spooling tools3.1.7base GPL
at-spi - Assistive technolgy service provider interface1.7.10gnome2 LGPL
at76c503a - Atmel at76c503 GPL driver2006-05-15network GPL
atcontenttypes - Content types for Archetypes framework0.2.0-finalzope OpenSource
aterm - A fast and transparent VT100 terminal emulator for X1.0.0x11 GPL
atk - GTK+ Accessibility1.12.1gnome2 LGPL
attachmentfield - An Archetypes field managing attachments1.3RC2zope OpenSource
attr - Extended Attributes Of Filesystem Objects2.4.24base GPL
auctex - An IDE for LaTeX using GNU Emacs11.82editors GPL
audacious - A music player1.1.1audio GPL
audacity - A cross-platform multitrack audio editor1.2.4audio GPL
audiofile - A library for accessing various audio file formats0.2.6audio LGPL
aumix - Adjusts an audio mixer from X, console, terminal, command line or script2.8audio GPL
autoconf - A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code2.59base GPL
autofs - A tool for automatically mounting and unmounting filesystems4.1.4filesystem GPL
autogen - Program generation for repetitive text with varied substitutions5.8.4develop GPL
automake - A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles1.9.6base GPL
autopano-sift - A helper utility for automated panorama image generation2.4graphic GPL
autotrace - Converts bitmap to vector graphics0.31.1graphic GPL
avahi - A Zeroconf mDNS/DNS-SD responder0.6.16network GPL
avifile - Library to access AVI videos via original Windows(tm) dlls0-7-050913multimedia GPL
avrdude - Atmel AVR Downloader/UploaDEr5.0develop GPL
avview - An audio/video viewer program0.80.6multimedia GPL
b5i2iso - a Blindwrite to ISO converter0.2filesystem OpenSource
babytrans - Graphical front-end for Babylon Translator dictonaries0.9.1dictionary GPL
bacterium - Virtual Analogue Matrix Synthesizer0.2.100audio GPL
bacula - The Network Backup Solution1.38.9network GPL
baghira - A KDE theme engine0.7themes GPL
balsa - A GNOME mail client with support for local mailboxes, POP3 and IMAP2.3.12gnome2 GPL
barcode - 0.98graphic GPL
barrage - Kill as many targets as possible with timelimit1.0.2games GPL
bash - The GNU Bourne Again shell3.1shells GPL
bashcompletion - Programmable completion for bash20050121shells GPL
battfink - An Energy Saving Preference dialog0.6.2gnome2 GPL
bbkeys - A general XWindow keygrabber (ment for blackbox)0.8.6x11 GPL
bc - GNU's numeric processing language and a calculator1.06base GPL
bchunk - A BIN/CUE to ISO conversion tool1.2.0filesystem GPL
bcm43xx-fw - Firmware files for bcm43xx1.2-0ubuntu1firmware Free-to-use
bcron - a new cron system designed with secure operations in mind0.09base GPL
bdb - Sleepycat Berkley DB Version BSD
bdb-java - Sleepycat Berkley DB Version 4.3 - Java Bindings4.3.29database BSD
bdb33 - Sleepycat Berkley DB Version BSD
bdb33-java - Sleepycat Berkley DB Version 3.3 - Java Bindings3.3.11database BSD
bdftopcf - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
beaver - A GTK+ based programmers editor remotely similar to UltraEdit-320.2.7editors GPL
beecrypt - A cryptographic toolkit4.1.2security GPL
beforelight - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
bglibs - BG Libraries Collection1.031develop GPL
biblestudy - A wxWindows frontend to Sword1.0religion GPL
bibletime - Bible Study Software for KDE1.5.3religion GPL
bicyclerepair - a Refactoring Browser for Python0.9python BSD
biff+comsat - A mail checker client and the comsat mail checking server0.17base BSD
bigreqsproto - BigReqs extension headers1.0.2xorg OpenSource
bin2iso - a Bin to ISO converter0.2filesystem OpenSource
bin86 - A complete 8086 assembler and loader0.16.17x86 GPL
bincimap - A well designed, modular IMAP server for Maildir written in C++1.3.4mail GPL
bincimap12 - A well designed, modular IMAP server for Maildir written in C++1.2.13finalmail GPL
bind - The ISC DNS server, resolver library and utilities9.3.4-P1network Free-to-use
binutils - A GNU collection of binary utilities2. GPL
bio2jack - Blocked I/O to Jack support library0.8audio GPL
bison - The GNU general-purpose parser generator2.3base GPL
bitlbee - An IRC to other chat networks gateway1.0.2network GPL
bitmap - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
bitstream-vera-fonts - High quality "open-sourced" vector fonts1.10fonts OpenSource
bittorrent - A tool for distributing files4.4.0network MIT
bize - ROCK-Linux .tar.bz2 package manager0.7archiver GPL
blackbox - A light and fast X11 window manager0.70.1x11 GPL
blackdown-jdk - a java development kit1.4.2-03java Restricted
blackdown-jre - a java runtime environment1.4.2-03java Restricted
bladeenc - A free MP3 encoder0.94.2audio GPL
blender - A powerfull 3D modeller2.41multimedia GPL
blitz - High performance C++ numeric library0.6develop Artistic
bluefish - A GTK-based Web development editor1.0.5gnome2 GPL
blueglass - A XFree cursor theme0.4themes LGPL
bluez-firmware - The bluez firmware tool1.0network GPL
bluez-hcidump - The bluez hcidump tool1.25network GPL
bluez-hciemu - The bluez hciemu tool1.2network GPL
bluez-libs - The libraries needed for the bluez bluetooth utilities2.21network GPL
bluez-utils - Userspace utilities for the bluez bluetooth stack2.21network GPL
bmon - Portable bandwidth monitor and rate estimator2.1.0network MIT
bmp - Beep Media Player0.14.4audio GPL
bochs - Portable (C++) x86/x86-64 emulator2.2.6emulators GPL
boehm-gc - A garbage collector for C and C++6.6develop GPL
bogofilter - A spam filter1.0.2mail GPL
bonnie++ - Hard drive and file system benchmark suite1.03abase GPL
bonobo-conf10 - A bonobo helper/libraries0.14gnome14 GPL LGPL
bonobo10 - The GNOME arch. for reusable software components and compound documents1.0.22gnome14 GPL
boost - Peer-reviewed STL style libraries for C++1_33_1develop OpenSource
boost-jam - A make-like program3.1.12develop OpenSource
botan - Efficient C++ crypto library1.4.12security BSD
bridge-utils - This is a rewrite of the Linux ethernet bridging code1.1network GPL
brlcad - BRL-CAD is a powerful solid modeling system7.8.0cad GPL
bsd-finger - A finger utility0.17network BSD
bsd-games - Ports of all the games from NetBSD-current that are free2.17games BSD
bug-buddy - A GNOME bug reporting system2.14.0gnome2 GPL
busybox - Stripped down utilities for embedded use1.1.2base GPL
bzflag - A multiplayer 3D tank battle game2.0.8games GPL
bzip2 - A file compression utility1.0.3archiver GPL
cabextract - A program to extract Microsoft cabinet files1.1archiver GPL
cairo - Multi-platform 2D graphics library1.2.0x11 LGPL
calendarx - A customizable calendar product for Plone0.4.15zope GPL
calltree - A static call tree generator for C programs2.3develop GPL
ccache - A fast compiler cache2.4develop GPL
ccbench - The C Compiler Benchmark0.2develop GPL
ccd2iso - a CloneCD to ISO converter0.2filesystem OpenSource
cdcd - A console CD player0.6.6multimedia GPL
cdi2iso - a DiscJuggler to ISO converter0.1filesystem OpenSource
cdlabelgen - A program to create labels for cdroms3.6.0graphic BSD
cdparanoia - CDDA extraction tool (aka ripper)III-alpha9.8audio GPL
cdrdao - Disk-At-One CD creation tool1.2.1audio GPL
cdrtools - A command line CD/DVD recording program2.01filesystem GPL
celementtree - a C implementation of the ElementTree API1.0.2-20050302textproc BSD
centericq - Text mode menu- and window-driven IM interface4.20.0network GPL
cf - X.org configuration files2005-10-03xorg OpenSource
cfengine - A tool for administering Networks of Diverse Machines2.1.20network GPL
cgames - Games for the Linux Console2.2games GPL
cgilib - A CGI Library0.5contrib GPL
cgilua - A Lua tool for creating dynamic Web pages.5.0lua OpenSource
cgoban - X11 Go-Client1.9.12games GPL
cheapskatefonts - Free TrueType fonts2003-04-23fonts GPL
checkpassword - uniform password-checking interface0.90security Free-to-use
checkpolicy - SELinux policy compiler1.28selinux GPL
cheetah - Python-powered template engine and code generator1.0develop OpenSource
chkrootkit - Checks for signs of rootkits0.46asecurity OpenSource
chmlib - A library for reading CHM files0.39graphic LGPL
chrony - An ntp replacement for dial-up users1.21network OpenSource
cinelerra - Movie studio for a Linux Box2.0multimedia GPL
cinepaint - A Cinema post-production ready version of The GNU Image Manipulation Program0.20-2graphic GPL
clamav - An anti-virus utility for Unix0.91.2security GPL
clanlib - A game SDK0.8.0-RC1games GPL
clanlib06 - A game SDK0.6.5-1games GPL
classpath - GNU Essential Libraries for Java0.91java GPL
clearsilver - Clearsilver - language-neutral HTML template system0.10.3develop OpenSource
clip - A Clipper/XBase compatible compiler1.1.16-20develop GPL
clisp - ANSI Common Lisp interpreter, compiler and debugger2.38develop GPL
cln - Class Library for Numbers1.1.11develop GPL
clockspeed - System clock synchronisation utilities0.62network OpenSource
cloop - A transparently decompressing block device2.01-5filesystem GPL
cmake - A cross-platform, open-source make system2.2.3develop BSD
cmfactionicons - A product that which build icon bars for a set of actions of Zope0.9zope OpenSource
cmfsubversionbrowser - A CMF/Plone browser for local subversion repositories0.9.0zope OpenSource
coda - Advanced networked filesystem6.0.15filesystem GPL
cogito - A wrapper around the git version control system0.17.2develop GPL
comedi - Linux Control and Measurement Device Interface0.7.22scientific GPL
comedi-driver - Linux Control and Measurement Device Interface - Kernel Drivers0.7.70scientific GPL
commonc++ - Portable set of basis classes for C++1.4.1develop GPL
commons-cli - Jakarta Commons CLI1.0java APL
commons-codec - Jakarta Commons Codec1.3java OpenSource
commons-collections - Jakarta Commons Collections3.1java OpenSource
commons-httpclient - Jakarta Commons HttpClient3.0java OpenSource
commons-lang - Jakarta Commons Lang2.1java OpenSource
commons-logging - Jakarta Commons Logging1.0.5-alpha1java OpenSource
compositeproto - Composite extension headers0.3.1xorg OpenSource
control-center - The GNOME Control Center2.14.2gnome2 GPL
copas - A Lua dispatcher that can be used fo TCP/IP socket communication.1.0lua OpenSource
coral - a metamodeling toolkit0.8.1develop GPL
coreutils - GNU core utilities5.2.1base GPL
corewars - Let progams fight each other in memory0.9.13games GPL
corkscrew - Corkscrew2.0security GPL
corona - An image input/output library1.0.2graphic OpenSource
courier-authlib - Courier Authentication Library0.58mail GPL
courier-imap - Lightweight IMAP server4.1.1mail GPL
cowsay - A program to make speaking and thinking cow quotes3.03graphic GPL
cpio - A GNU archiving program2.6archiver GPL
cppunit - CppUnit1.10.2develop LGPL
cpssharedcalendar - An advanced, flexible calendaring component for CPS31.3.3zope GPL
cpsskins - A WYSIWYG Theme editor for CMF, CPS and Plone2.2.2zope GPL
cpuburn - X86 CPU stress test1.4x86 GPL
cpufreqd - CPU frequency scaling daemon2.0.0base GPL
cpufrequtils - CPU frequency scaling utilities0.4base GPL
cpuid - Report x86 CPU details3.3x86 GPL
cracklib - A library for checking passwords2.8.6base OpenSource
cramfs-tools - Linux cramfs tools1.1filesystem GPL
crimson - A tactical war game in the tradition of Battle Isle0.4.8games GPL
crm114 - A controllable regex mutilator and antispam filter20051001-BlameRaulMillermail GPL
cron - The Vixie cron daemon for executing specified programs at set times3.0pl1-83base Free-to-use
cronolog - A file rotation program for Apache1.6.2base GPL
cryptcat - Lightweight version of netcat with integrated transport encryption capabilities1.2.1network GPL
cryptsetup-luks - A LUKS aware cryptsetup replacement for dm-crypt1.0.3security GPL
crystal-icons-gnome - The Crystal SVG Icon theme for GNOME1.2themes LGPL
cssmanager - A simple CSS-Manager for Plone0.4.1zope OpenSource
csync2 - Cluster synchronisation tool, 2nd generation1.32network GPL
ctags - Sourcefile indexer5.6develop GPL
cthumb - Themable web picture album creator4.2graphic GPL
ctwm - The window manager for smart windows3.6x11 OpenSource
cups - Common Unix Printing System1.2.12printing GPL
cups-pdf - A PDF print driver for CUPS2.0beta2.1printing GPL
cups-samba - CUPS Driver for Windows5.0rc3printing Free-to-use
curl - Client and library for (HTTP, FTP, HTTPS, ...) transfers7.15.5network MIT
cvm - Credential Validation Modules0.76security GPL
cvs - A version control system1.11.22develop GPL
cyberjack - Unix driver for REINER-SCT cyberjack smartcard readers2.0.8security LGPL
cyrus-sasl - SASL is the Simple Authentication and Security Layer1.5.28security OpenSource
cyrus-sasl2 - SASL is the Simple Authentication and Security Layer2.1.22security OpenSource
d4x - Downloader for X2.5.7.1network Artistic
daemon - Turns other processes into daemons0.6.3develop GPL
damageproto - Damage extension headers1.0.3xorg OpenSource
dansguardian - A Web filter with multiple page content analysis mechanisms2.8.0.6network GPL
dante - Socks4, socks5 and msproxy server and client1.1.19network BSD
darkglass - A X11 Xcursor theme0.0.5themes GPL
dash - The Debian Almquist Shell0.5.2-5shells GPL
dasher - Zooming predictive text entry system4.0.4gnome2 GPL
dbf - dbf command line tool0.8.3.1database LGPL
dbh - A disk based hash library1.0.24xfce4 GPL
dbmail - Group of programs that enable storing and retrieving mail messages from a database2.0.10mail GPL
dbus - A message bus system0.61network GPL
dcc - A distributed spam filter1.3.31mail BSD
dclib - Direct Connect Filesharing library0.3.7network GPL
dcraw - A command-line decoder for digital raw photos8.20graphic PublicDomain GPL
ddclient - Dynamic DNS Client3.6.7network GPL
ddcxinfo - DDC readout using the VESA BIOS extension0.6.15x11 GPL
ddd - Data Display Debugger3.3.11develop GPL
dejavu-ttf-fonts - a font family based on Bitstream Vera Fonts2.4fonts OpenSource
desktop-file-utils - utilities for working with desktop entries0.11gnome2 GPL
deu-eng - German->English dictionary20030917dictionary GPL
deva - A Distributed Virtual Reality System3.0multimedia GPL
devfsd - Daemon controlling devfs1.3.25filesystem GPL
devhelp - A developer's help program for GNOME0.11gnome2 GPL
device-mapper - Device-Mapper1.02.07base GPL
devil - Open Source image loading, saving and manipulation library1.6.7graphic LGPL
devilspie - Window-matching utility for Metacity0.17.1gnome2 GPL
dfb++ - This is a C++ binding for DirectFB providing a much easier usage0.9.25contrib GPL
dfb-examples - Example programs for the Direct Framebuffer API0.9.25contrib GPL
dfb-extra - Addons for the Linux Direct Framebuffer API0.9.25contrib GPL
dfb-linux-fusion - Direct Framebuffer fusion kernel module3.0contrib GPL
dfb-lite - Toolkit engine for directfb0.7.2contrib LGPL
dfbsee - An image viewer and video player for the Linux framebuffer0.7.4contrib GPL
dhcp - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server and relay agent3.0.4network Free-to-use
dhcpcd - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Client Daemon1.3.22-pl4network GPL
dhcpcd-scriptconfig - A modified version of dhcpcd to use scripts0.1network GPL
dia - Program for drawing structured diagrams0.95gnome2 GPL
diacanvas - a library for drawing diagrams0.14.4gnome2 LGPL
dialog - A utility for creating TTY dialog boxes1.0-20050911base GPL
dictd - RFC-2229 compliant dictionary server1.10.4dictionary GPL
diehard - Marsaglia's Diehard Battery of Tests of Randomness1998-04-03scientific OpenSource
dietlibc - A libc optimized for small size0.29base GPL
diffstat - A histogram view for patches1.41develop MIT
diffutils - The GNU collection of diff utilities2.8.1base GPL
digikam - KDE digital camera application0.8.1kde GPL
digikamimageplugins - Additional plugins for the KDE digital camera application0.8.1kde GPL
dillo - A small Web Browser (i.e. for handhelds)0.8.5www GPL
directfb - Direct framebuffer access library0.9.25.1contrib GPL
dirmngr - A Certificate Manager for GnuPG0.9.3security GPL
disktype - Disk type identification utility9filesystem OpenSource
distcc - A fast, free distributed C/C++/... compiler frontend2.18.3develop GPL
divx4linux - A DivX MPEG-4 codec (encoder and decoder)5.0.5multimedia Free-to-use
djbdns - A collection of Domain Name System tools1.05network Free-to-use
djbdns-tools - Tools to complement djbdns0.7contrib OpenSource
djvulibre - Tools for creating and displaying DjVu files3.5.17graphic GPL
dltrace - Dynamic library call tracer0.5develop GPL
dmalloc - Debug Malloc Library5.4.2develop Free-to-use
dmidecode - Reports BIOS information according to the SMBIOS/DMI standard2.8x86 GPL
dmraid - device-mapper Software RAID tool1.0.0.rc10base GPL
dmxproto - DMX extension headers2.2.2xorg OpenSource
dnrd - Simple proxy nameserver2.20.1network GPL
dnsa - A Swiss knife tool for DNS auditing0.5security GPL
docbook-tools - collection of tools to work on and format DocBook documents0.6.14textproc GPL
docbookx - XML scheme for documentation412textproc OpenSource
docpp - A documentation system for C, C++, IDL and Java3.4.10develop GPL
docutils - Documentation Utilities0.4develop OpenSource
dosbox - A x86 PC emulator for running old DOS games0.65emulators GPL
dosemu - A DOS emulator1.3.3emulators LGPL
dosfstools - DOS filesystem tools2.11filesystem GPL
dovecot - A secure IMAP server1.0.3mail GPL
doxygen - Documentation system for C++, Java, IDL and C1.4.6develop GPL
dpkg - The debian package manager1.13.12archiver GPL
driftnet - Capture images wandering by on the net0.1.6graphic GPL
dropbear - A relatively small SSH 2 server and client0.48.1security MIT
drwright - Program that forces regular breaks0.18gnome2 GPL
dsniff - Sniffing utilities for network security testing and auditing2.4b1security GPL
duma - A debugger which detects memory allocation violations2_4_27develop GPL
dump - The Linux Ext2 filesystem dump/restore utilities0.4b41base BSD
duplicity - Encrypted and bandwidth-efficient backup using the rsync algorithm0.4.2network GPL
dvb-apps - LinuxTV DVB example applications2005-02-28multimedia GPL
dvb-firmware - LinuxTV DVB kernel addons and firmware2005-07-05multimedia Free-to-use
dvbd - DVB tuner daemon0.7.7multimedia GPL
dvbsnoop - DVB stream analyzer1.4.00multimedia GPL
dvbstream - A simple DVB over RTP streaming server and client0.5multimedia GPL
dvd+rwtools - DVD+RW/+R/-R[W] utility for Linux7.0filesystem GPL
dvdauthor - DVD Authoring Tools0.6.11multimedia GPL
dvdisaster - CD and DVD data recovery ans defect analysis0.63filesystem GPL
dvdrip - A full featured DVD copy program written in Perl0.52.6multimedia GPL
dvdstyler - Cross-platform DVD menu creation GUI1.4multimedia GPL
dvgrab - Commandine tool for IEEE1394 Camcorders2.0multimedia GPL
dvhtool - Write kernels into sgi volume headers1.0.1filesystem GPL
dvorakng - Dvorak keyboard learning tool0.6.0rc1dictionary GPL
e - Enlightenment X11 Windowmanager v172006-04-17e17 GPL
e-modules - Enlightenment X11 Windowmanager v17 modules2006-04-17e17 GPL
e-uae - A Amiga emulator0.8.28emulators GPL
e-utils - Enlightenment X11 Windowmanager v17 utilities2006-04-17e17 GPL
e16keyedit - Enlightenment v0.16 key-binding editor0.4e16 BSD
e16menuedit - Enlightenment v0.16 menu editor0.0.3e16 Free-to-use
e2fsimage - Create and populate an ext2 filesystem image as non-root user0.2.2filesystem BSD
e2fsprogs - Utilities for use with the ext2 filesystem1.39filesystem GPL LGPL
eaccelerator - a PHP accelerator, optimizer, encoder and dynamic content cachesvn203www GPL
easytag - Music files tagging tool with GTK+ GUI1.99.12multimedia GPL
ebtables - Ethernet bridge tables.2.0.6security OpenSource
eclair - An Enlightenment 17 media player2006-04-17e17 GPL
eclipse - extensible universal IDE written in java3.1.2java OpenSource
ecore - A X abstraction layer2006-04-17e17 GPL
ed - The GNU line editor0.2base GPL
edb - Database library based on Berkeley DB 2.7.72006-04-17e17 GPL
editres - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
edje - A complex graphical design & layout library2006-04-17e17 GPL
ee03 - The Electric Eyes image viewer application0.3.12gnome14 GPL
eel - The Eazel Extensions Library2.14.3gnome2 LGPL
eet - A miniature "ZIP FILE" like library2006-04-17e17 GPL
eg - A Text Mode Norton Guide Reader1.00develop GPL
eject - Eject removable medias from their drives2.1.0base GPL
ekg - Experimental client for gadu-gadu instant messanger1.6contrib GPL
ekiga - A videoconferencing and VoIP application (for Gnome)2.0.9multimedia GPL
elation - An Enlightenment 17 media player2006-04-17e17 GPL
electricfence - A debugger which detects memory allocation violations2_4_13develop GPL
elementtree - A simple but flexible container object1.2.6-20050316textproc BSD
elf - ELF header analyzer and editor0.5.4p1base GPL
elfkickers - Collection of programs that deal with the ELF file format2.0adevelop GPL
elftoaout - ELF to a.out convertor2.3sparc GPL
elicit - A magnifier for examining images on your desktop2006-04-17e17 GPL
elinks - ELinks - an advanced text mode web browser0.11.3www GPL
elvis-tiny - A shrinked elvis (vi clone)1.4-18editors OpenSource
emacs - The Editing MACroS - text editor21.4aeditors GPL
emacs-matlab-mode - Matlab mode for (X)Emacs2.3.1scientific GPL
emacs-maxima-mode - Maxima mode for (X)Emacs0.9scientific GPL
emacs-xemacs-shared - Shared user utilities of emacs and xemacs21.4.17editors Free-to-use
embrace - A mail-checker which is based on the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries2006-04-17e17 GPL
embryo - A small virtual machine and bytecode compiler2006-04-17e17 GPL
embutils - Stripped down utilities for embedded use0.17base GPL
emelfm2 - A file manager for UNIX-like operating systems0.1.7x11 GPL
emotion - Xine encapsulation for rendering videos into an Evas canvas2006-04-17e17 GPL
enblend - A tool for compositing images2.5graphic GPL
enchant - AbiWord spell-checker1.2.5gnome2
encodings - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
eng-deu - English->German dictionary20030917dictionary GPL
engage - A NeXT style dock application2006-04-17e17 GPL
engrave - Edje file parseing and editing library2006-04-17e17 GPL
enigma - Oxyd free puzzle game clone0.92games GPL
enlightenment16 - Enlightenment X11 Windowmanager v160.16.8.1e16 BSD
enscript - Converts text and other types of files to PostScript(TM)1.6.1graphic GPL
enterminus - Terminal2006-04-17e17 GPL
entice - An image viewer using enlightenment libraries2006-04-17e17 GPL
entrance - The Enligthenment display manager2006-04-17e17 GPL
entropy - A full featured GUI-toolkit independent file manager2006-04-17e17 GPL
envision - An E17 Ogg/Vorbis video player2006-04-17e17 GPL
eog - The GNOME image viewing and catalogin program2.14.3gnome2 GPL
epeg - An IMMENSELY FAST JPEG thumbnailer library2006-04-17e17 GPL
ephoto - A presentation application2006-04-17e17 GPL
epiphany - A GNOME Web Browser and file navigator2.14.3gnome2 GPL
epix - Mathematically accurate plotting tool1.0.0scientific GPL
epoz - A cross-browser-wysiwyg-editor for Zope2.0.2zope OpenSource
epplets16 - Enlightenment v0.16 applets0.7e16 BSD
epsilon - A small, display independent and quick thumbnailing library2006-04-17e17 GPL
eq-xmms - Graphical real-time audio equalizer plugin for XMMS0.7audio GPL
erlang-otp - A general-purpose programming language and runtime environmentR10B-10develop OpenSource
erss - A simple tool for watching RSS v1 (RDF) and v2 (XML) feeds2006-04-17e17 GPL
eruby - Embedded ruby in html1.0.5ruby GPL
esdl - A SDL wrapper for the erlang language0.95.0630graphic OpenSource
esmart - A library of evas smart objects2006-04-17e17 GPL
esound - The Enlightened Sound Daemon0.2.36audio GPL
eterm16 - Enlightenment terminal0.9.3e16 BSD
ethtool - Display or change ethernet card settings3network GPL
etk - A toolkit based on the EFL2006-04-17e17 GPL
etox - A type setting and text layout library based on Evas2006-04-17e17 GPL
ettercap - Multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/loggerNG-0.7.3network GPL
euler - A program for quickly and interactively computing1.61.0scientific GPL
evas - A high performance canvas library2006-04-17e17 GPL
event-perl - A Generic Perl Event Loop0.87perl OpenSource
eventlog - A replacement of the simple syslog API0.2.3+20050717base OpenSource
evfs - The Enlightenment File System Daemon2006-04-17e17 GPL
evidence - Enlightened file-manager2006-04-17e17 GPL
evieext - EvIE extension headers1.0.2xorg OpenSource
evince - Gnome PDF viewer0.4.0gnome2 GPL
evolution - Integrated Workgroup and Personal Information Management2.6.1gnome2 GPL
evolution-data-server - Integrated Workgroup and Personal Information Management: Data Server1.6.1gnome2 GPL
evolution-webcal - Integrated Workgroup and Personal Information Management: Web-Calendar2.4.1gnome2 GPL
ewl - The Enlightenment Widget Library2006-04-17e17 GPL
exact-image - A fast imaging library including command line frontend0.3.2graphic GPL
examine - A E17 configuration examiner2006-04-17e17 GPL
exhibit - An image viewer using enlightenment libraries2006-04-17e17 GPL
exim - A Mail Tranfer Agent4.63mail GPL
expat - XML parser library2.0.0base OpenSource
expect - Lets you automate telnet, ftp, passwd, fsck, rlogin, tip, etc5.43.0-1develop Free-to-use
express - A Enlightenment 17 instant messaging program2006-04-17e17 GPL
exrtools - EXRTools is a set of commandline utilities for manipulating OpenEXR images0.4graphic MIT
ezipupdate - Client for various dynamic DNS services3.0.11b7network GPL
ezmlm - An easy-to-use, high-speed mailing list manager for qmail0.53-idx-5.0.2mail OpenSource
fam - A filesystem support library2.7.0filesystem GPL
fbgrab - A framebuffer screenshot program1.0graphic GPL
fbset - Utility to show or change the settings of the frame buffer2.1base GPL
fdclock - A new-style example application clock2006-01-26xorg OpenSource
fetchmail - Remote-mail retrieval utility6.3.6mail GPL
ffcall - A collectoin of foreign function call libraries1.10develop GPL
ffmpeg - A complete audio and video stream library2005-11-20multimedia LGPL
fftw - Fastest Fourier Transform in The West2.1.5multimedia GPL
fftw3 - Fastest Fourier Transform in The West3.1.1multimedia GPL
fget - A minimal http/ftp download tool for boot disks0.4.1network GPL
fgetty - A very small getty for Linux0.6base OpenSource
figlet - A program for making large letters out of ordinary text2.2.1graphic OpenSource
figment - An Outliner0.3.5gnome2 GPL
file - File type identification utility4.17base BSD
file-roller - Gnome2 archiver2.14.4gnome2 LGPL
filesystemstorage - FileSystem storage for Archetypes2.0rc1zope OpenSource
findutils - GNU find utils4.2.22base GPL
firefox - A full-featured web brower1.5.0.11www MPL
firestarter - Firewall creation/monitoring tool1.0.3gnome2 GPL
firewalk - A traceroute like tool to determine gateway ACL filters and to map networks5.0security BSD
fixesproto - Fixes extension headers3.0.2xorg OpenSource
flac - An Free Lossless Audio Codec1.1.2audio LGPL
flame - Flame is an cosmic recursive fractal flames generator2.6graphic GPL
flashplayer - Macromedia Flash Player for Mozilla7.0r25multimedia Restricted
flex - Fast lexical analyzer generator2.5.31base GPL
flexbackup - A flexible backup tool1.2.1archiver GPL
flightgear - Flight Gear is a free flight simulator project0.9.10games GPL
flightgear-base - Flight Gear's textures, models, data, and config files0.9.10games GPL
flite - A small run-time speech synthesis engine1.2text2speech OpenSource
fltk - A portable GUI library1.1.7develop LGPL
fluxbox - A standards compliant, fast, light-weight, extensible window manager0.9.15.1x11 GPL
fnord - A small HTTPD for Linux1.10network GPL
font-adobe - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
font-adobe-utopia - A modular X package0.99.2xorg OpenSource
font-adobe-utopia-type1 - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
font-alias - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
font-arabic-misc - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
font-bh - A modular X package0.99.2xorg OpenSource
font-bh-lucidatypewriter - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
font-bh-ttf - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
font-bh-type1 - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
font-bitstream - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
font-bitstream-type1 - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
font-cronyx-cyrillic - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
font-cursor-misc - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
font-daewoo-misc - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
font-dec-misc - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
font-ibm-type1 - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
font-isas-misc - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
font-jis-misc - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
font-micro-misc - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
font-misc-cyrillic - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
font-misc-misc - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
font-mutt-misc - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
font-schumacher-misc - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
font-screen-cyrillic - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
font-sony-misc - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
font-sun-misc - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
font-util - X.org font utilities1.0.1xorg OpenSource
font-winitzki-cyrillic - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
font-xfree86-type1 - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
fontcacheproto - Fontcache extension headers0.1.2xorg OpenSource
fontconfig - A library for font customization and configuration2.3.95xorg OpenSource
fontforge - An outline font editor20060413fonts BSD
fontsproto - Fonts extension headers2.0.2xorg OpenSource
fonttosfnt - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
foo2zjs - Rasterizer for the ZjStream protocol2006-01-10printing GPL
foobillard - A GL game of pool3.0agames GPL
fox - Yes another GUI toolkit1.6.10x11 LGPL
fpc - Free Pascal compiler2.0.0develop GPL
fping - A program to ping hosts in parallel2.4b2_to-ipv6network GPL
fragroute - A network IDS evasion tool1.2security BSD
freealut - Open Audio Library Utility Toolkit1.0.1audio GPL
freeciv - A Civ II like multiplayer strategy game2.0.7games GPL
freedroid - A Paradroid clone1.0.2games GPL
freedroid_rpg - A graphical single player sci-fi RPG featuring Tux and evil MS bots0.9.13games GPL
freedt - Reimplementation of Dan Bernstein's daemontools0.21contrib GPL
freefonts - A collection of free fonts0.10fonts Free-to-use
freeglut - An OpenSourced clone of the GLUT library2.4.0x11 MIT
freeimage - An Open Source graphic library391graphic GPL
freenx - Helpers ot make NX more userfriendly0.4.2x11 GPL
freeradius - FreeRADIUS - open source RADIUS Server1.1.7security GPL
freetype - TrueType font rendering library2.1.10x11 GPL
freetype1 - TrueType font rendering library1.3.1x11 OpenSource
fribidi - The Bidirectional Algorithm library0.10.7textproc LGPL
frozen-bubble - A colorful puzzle game1.0.0games GPL
fslsfonts - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
fstobdf - Generate BDF font from X font server1.0.2xorg OpenSource
ftgl - A font library for use with OpenGL2.1.2x11 LGPL
fuse - A simple user-space filesystem interface for Linux2.5.3filesystem GPL
fuse-emulator - Free Unix Spectrum Emulator0.7.0emulators GPL
fusionsound - Sound support for the Linux Direct Framebuffer0.9.25contrib GPL
fvwm - The Famous(?) Virtual Window Manager2.5.19x11 GPL
fwbuilder - FWBuilder-GUI for firewall administration2.0.12security OpenSource
fxruby - Ruby language bindings for the FOX GUI toolkit1.6.0ruby LGPL
fxscintilla - An implementation of Scintilla for the FOX GUI Library2006-05-28editors LGPL
fyre - Fyre is a tool for producing artwork based on iterated chaotic functions1.0.0graphic GPL
g-wrap - A tool for exporting C libraries into Scheme interpreters1.3.4develop GPL
gail - GNOME Accessibility Project1.8.11gnome2 LGPL
gaim - An IM Client1.5.0gnome2 GPL
gaim-otr - OTR gaim plugin3.0.0network GPL
gal - GNOME Application library2.4.3gnome2 LGPL
gal01 - GNOME Application Libs0.24gnome14 GPL LGPL
galan - Graphical Audio Language0.3.0beta7audio GPL
gambas - A free development environment based on a Basic1.0.16develop GPL
gamix - Gtk+ ALSA mixer1.99.p14audio GPL
gaphor - UML modeling tool for Gnome0.8.0develop GPL
gatling - A high performance web server0.8network GPL
gatos-ati-remote - Linux kernel module that interfaces ATI RF remote as a regular input device2004-01-07x11 GPL
gatos-km - Video4Linux support for ATI cards2004-01-07x11 GPL
gawk - GNU Awk3.1.5base GPL
gcalctool - Gnome-2 calculator5.7.32gnome2 LGPL
gcc - The GNU Compiler Collection Version 4 (aka GNU C Compiler)4.1.2base GPL
gccmakedep - Dependency generator1.0.2xorg OpenSource
gcjwebplugin - a plugin for the execution of Java applets in web browsers0.3.2java GPL
gcl - GNU Common Lisp2.6.7develop LGPL
gcombust - GTK+ frontend for mkisofs, mkhybrid, cdrecord, and cdlabelgen0.1.55x11 GPL
gconf - Configuration storage library, like libproplist or the Windows Registry2.14.0gnome2 LGPL
gconf-editor - An Editor for Configuration storage library2.14.0gnome2 LGPL
gconf110 - Configuration storage library, like libproplist or the Windows Registry1.0.9gnome14 LGPL
gconfmm - C++ wrappers for GConf2.14.2gnome2 GPL
gdb - The GNU Debugger6.4develop GPL
gdbm - The GNU database manager1.8.3database GPL
gdesklets - Advanced architecture for desktop applets0.35.3gnome2 GPL
gdk-pixbuf10 - The GdkPixBuf image handling library0.22.0gnome14 LGPL
gdl - Gnome Devtools Library0.6.1gnome2 GPL
gdm - The GNOME Display Manager2.14.10gnome2 GPL
geany - Geany is a text editor0.7editors GPL
gedit - The GNOME-2 text editor2.14.4gnome2 GPL
geki2 - An action shooter2.0.3games GPL
geki3 - An action shooter1.0.3games GPL
gengetopt - A getopt format generator2.15develop GPL
genromfs - Create a romfs image0.5.1filesystem GPL
gens - A free GENESIS/MEGADRIVE emulator2.12a-rc3emulators GPL
gentoo - A GTK+ based file manager somewhat similar to Amiga DirectoryOpus 40.11.55x11 GPL
gettext - A program internationalization library and tools0.14.5base LGPL
gfingerpoken - Marble-Clone0.25games GPL
gftp - A multithreaded ftp client for X2.0.18gnome2 GPL
ggrab - Streaming tool for the Dbox2 running Neutrino0.22aattic GPL
ggv - A Postscript(tm) Document Viewer2.12.0gnome2 GPL
ghex - The GNOME hex editor2.8.2gnome2 GPL
ghex12 - The GNOME hex editor1.2.1gnome14 GPL
ghostscript - PostScript and PDF language interpreter and previewer8.15.1graphic OpenSource
ghostscript-fonts - The standard font collection for ghostscript8.11fonts OpenSource
gift-fasttrack - Open Source implementation of the FastTrack P2P protocol used by KaZaA0.8.9network GPL
giftcurs - A cursed frontend to the giFT daemon0.6.2network GPL
giftoxic - A GTK2-based client for giFT0.0.10network GPL
gimp - The GNU Image Manipulation Program2.2.17graphic GPL
gimp-print - Printing functionallity for The GNU Image Manipulation Program4.2.7printing GPL
ginac - C++ library for algebraic manipulations1.3.3develop GPL
git - The Linus Torvalds version control system for kernels1.3.3develop GPL
gjiten - A Japanese dictionary program for GNOME2.3dictionary GPL
gkrellm - GNU (or Gtk+) Krell Monitors (or Meters)2.2.9gnome2 GPL
gkrellm-plugins - This is a collection of plugins for Gkrellm2.2.4gnome2 GPL
gksu - A GTK+ frontend to su and sudo1.3.7gnome2 GPL
gl-117 - A combat flight simulator1.3.2games GPL
glabels - A label and business card program2.1.3gnome2 GPL
glade - GTK+ interface builder v22.12.1gnome2 GPL
glade10 - GTK+ interface builder0.6.4gnome14 GPL
glademm - An extension to glade to create C++ sources2.6.0gnome2 GPL
gle - A library package of C functions that draws 3D surfaces3.1.0x11 OpenSource
gle-graphics - Graphics Layout Engine / Professional Graphics Language4.0.11graphic BSD
glew - The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library1.3.3x11 BSD
glib - C suport library2.10.3gnome2 LGPL
glib12 - C suport library1.2.10gnome14 LGPL
glibc - The GNU C library20051128base GPL
glibc32 - The GNU C library 32bit compatbility version for 64bit systems20051128base GPL
glibmm - The C++ bindings for the Glib2.10.4gnome2 LGPL
glide3 - Voodoo3/4/5 support3x11 Free-to-use
glitz - OpenGL image compositing library0.5.6x11 BSD
glproto - GL extension headers1.4.3xorg OpenSource
gltron - An OpenGL clone of Tron0.70games GPL
glut - OpenGL Utility Toolkit3.7x11 Free-to-use
gmime - A core library and utilities for creation and parsing MIME messages2.2.3gnome2 GPL
gmp - The GNU MP (multiple precision arithmetic) library4.1.4base GPL
gnapster - A powerfull napster client written for GTK+ and GNOME1.5.0contrib GPL
gnash - Free flash movie player20060312multimedia GPL
gnet - A network library2.0.7gnome2 LGPL
gnet1 - A network library1.1.9gnome2 LGPL
gngeo - A NeoGeo emulator for Linux0.6.11emulators GPL
gnocl - A Tcl package for GTK and Gnome libraries0.9.91gnome2 BSD
gnokii - Tools and a user space driver for use with Nokia phones under Linux0.6.13gnome2 GPL
gnome-applets - GNOME panel applets2.14.3gnome2 GPL
gnome-audio14 - GNOME audio tools1.4.0gnome14 GPL
gnome-backgrounds - Backgrounds for the GNOME desktop2.14.2.1gnome2 GPL
gnome-blog - A applet that can post to blogs0.9.1gnome2 GPL
gnome-build - Gnome Build Framework0.1.3gnome2 GPL
gnome-common - Gnome autoconf helper files2.12.0gnome2 GPL
gnome-cups-manager - Gnome cups interface0.31gnome2 GPL
gnome-desktop - The GNOME Desktop2.14.3gnome2 LGPL
gnome-doc-utils - Documentation utilities for the Gnome project0.6.0gnome2 LGPL
gnome-games - The GNOME games2.14.3gnome2 GPL
gnome-icon-theme - GNOME icon theme2.14.2gnome2 GPL
gnome-keyring - Gnome password (and other secrets) manager0.4.9gnome2 LGPL
gnome-keyring-manager - A keyring management program for the GNOME Desktop2.14.0gnome2 GPL
gnome-libs14 - This are the core libraries for the GNOME desktop environment1.4.2gnome14 LGPL
gnome-mag - Gnome magnifying glass0.12.6gnome2 GPL
gnome-media - The GNOME multimedia programs2.14.2gnome2 GPL
gnome-menus - An implementation of the freedesktop menu specification for GNOME2.14.3gnome2 LGPL
gnome-mime-data - GNOME MIME database2.4.2gnome2 GPL
gnome-netstatus - Network status for the GNOME panel2.12.0gnome2 GPL
gnome-nettool - GNOME interface for various networking tools2.14.2gnome2 GPL
gnome-panel - The GNOME Panel basics2.14.3gnome2 LGPL
gnome-pilot - Gnome Pilot connectivity2.0.13gnome2 GPL
gnome-pilot-conduits - Gnome-Pilot conduits2.0.13gnome2 GPL
gnome-print10 - The GNOME printer framework0.35gnome14 GPL
gnome-python - Python interfaces to gnome-libs2.12.4gnome2 GPL
gnome-python-extras - Python interfaces to gnome-libs not part of platform2.14.2gnome2 GPL
gnome-session - The GNOME Session manager2.14.3gnome2 LGPL
gnome-speech - Speech generation library0.4.2gnome2 LGPL
gnome-spell - GNOME/Bonobo component for spell checking1.0.7gnome2 GPL
gnome-system-monitor - The GNOME-2 System Monitor2.14.5gnome2 LGPL
gnome-system-tools - Gnome system tools2.14.0gnome2 GPL
gnome-system-tools-backends - Gnome system tools backends1.4.2gnome2 GPL
gnome-terminal - GNOME terminal emulation application2.14.2gnome2 LGPL
gnome-themes - Gnome themes2.14.3gnome2 GPL
gnome-utils - GNOME utility programs2.14.0gnome2 GPL
gnome-vfs - Gnome virtual file system2.14.2gnome2 LGPL
gnome-vfsmm - C++ wrappers for gnome-vfs lib2.14.0gnome2 LGPL
gnome-volume-manager - Gnome Volume Manager1.5.15gnome2 GPL
gnome2-user-docs - Gnome-2 user documentation2.8.1gnome2 FDL
gnomebaker - a CD/DVD burning application for Gnome0.6.0gnome2 LGPL
gnomeicu - Formerly GtkICQ, now Gnome Internet Communication Utility0.99.10gnome2 GPL
gnomemm12 - C++ bindings for the GNOME library1.2.4gnome14 GPL
gnomesu - GNOME Super User0.3.1gnome2 GPL
gnomesword - Bible Study Software for GNOME2.0.0attic GPL
gnopernicus - Low-vision and blind users access to standard Gtk+21.1.1gnome2 LGPL
gnubg - A Backgammon implementation - to lay and analys games and matches0.14.3games GPL
gnucash - A personal account management package1.8.12gnome14 GPL
gnuchess - GNU chess5.07games GPL
gnue-appserver - Application Server for the GNUe tools0.4.3gnue GPL
gnue-common - Common Library for the GNUe tools0.6.1gnue GPL
gnue-designer - IDE for the GNUe tools0.5.7gnue GPL
gnue-forms - GNUe's data-aware user-interface generator0.5.13gnue GPL
gnue-navigator - Menuing system for GNUe Forms and Reports0.0.9gnue GPL
gnue-reports - Platform and output-independent reporting system for GNUe0.1.8gnue GPL
gnugo - Plays the game of Go3.6games GPL
gnugts - The GNU Triangulated Surface Library0.7.6graphic LGPL
gnumail - A OpenStep mail application1.2.0pre1gnustep GPL
gnumeric - The GNOME spreadsheet1.6.3gnome2 GPL
gnupg - The GNU Privacy Guard1.4.7security GPL
gnupg2 - The GNU Privacy Guard v22.0.1security GPL
gnuplot - The GNU Plotting Utility4.0.0scientific OpenSource
gnuplotpy - Gnuplot interface for Python1.7develop GPL
gnupod - Manage your music on the iPod0.98.3audio GPL
gnupth - GNU Portable Threads2.0.7develop GPL
gnustep-back - The GUI for a GNUstep system0.10.3gnustep LGPL
gnustep-base - The base for a GNUstep system1.12.0gnustep GPL
gnustep-gui - The GUI for a GNUstep system0.10.3gnustep LGPL
gnustep-make - The base for a GNUstep system1.12.0gnustep GPL
gnutls - Development Library for TLS applications1.2.11security OpenSource
gob - Preprocessor for building GTK+ Object2.0.14gnome2 GPL
gocr - Open source Optical Character Recognition program0.40graphic GPL
goffice - A library of document-centric objects and utilities0.2.1gnome2 GPL
gok - Gnome Onscreen Keyboard1.0.10gnome2 LGPL
gorm - Graphical Object Relationship Modeller1.0.8gnustep LGPL
gossip - A GNOME Jabber client0.11.1gnome2 GPL
gpa - GNU Privacy Assistant0.7.3security GPL
gpart - Partition table recovery tool0.1hfilesystem GPL
gpdf - A PDF viewer for GNOME2.10.0gnome2 GPL
gperf - Gnu Perfect Hash Function3.0.1base GPL
gpgme - GnuPG Made Easy1.1.2security GPL
gphoto - The GNU Digital Still Camera Programs2.1.6graphic GPL
gpl-ghostscript - PostScript and PDF interpreter and previewer8.50graphic GPL
gplflash - A GPL Macromedia Flash implementation2005-09-09multimedia LGPL
gpm - General Purpose Mouse Daemon1.20.1base GPL
gpsdrive - GPS Navigation Software2.09x11 GPL
gq - LDAP client based on GTK+/GTK21.0rc1network GPL
gqview - A graphics file viewer2.0.1graphic GPL
grace - Grace graphing tool5.1.19scientific GPL
grande - An action shooter0.6games GPL
grandr_applet - Gnome-panel front end to the xrandr extension0.2gnome2 GPL
graphviz - Library and helper programs for graph creation2.14.1scientific Free-to-use
grep - This is GNU grep, the "fastest grep in the west"2.5.1abase GPL
grepmail - Search meailboxes for a particular mail5.3030mail GPL
greycstoration - GREYCstoration Gimp plugin0.2graphic GPL
groff - The GNU groff document formatting system1.19.2base GPL
groupuserfolder - A Zope Product that manages Groups of Users3.3zope OpenSource
grsecurity - Innovative security model for 2.4 and 2.6 Linux Kernels2.1.6security GPL
grub - The GRand Unified Bootloader0.97x86 GPL
grufspaces - Add Group Spaces to Plone, in which group members can work together.0.4.0zope OpenSource
gscmxx - A gtk-frontend to scmxx written in perl0.4.1x11 GPL
gsl - The GNU Scientific Library1.8base GPL
gsm - GSM 06.10 lossy speech compression1.0.11audio OpenSource
gsmlib - A library for GSM modem access1.10network LGPL
gsmp - The General Sound Manipulation Program0.0.6audio GPL
gst-editor - The GStreamer graphical pipeline editor0.8.0gnome2 GPL
gst-ffmpeg - GStreamer FFmpeg Plug-in0.10.1gnome2 LGPL
gst-plugins - Gstreamer plugins0.8.12gnome2 LGPL
gst-plugins-base - GStreamer Base Plug-ins0.10.9gnome2 LGPL
gst-plugins-good - A Set of well supported GStreamer Plug-ins0.10.3gnome2 LGPL
gstreamer - Multi-media framework0.10.9gnome2 LGPL
gsview - A graphical interface for Ghostscript4.7graphic OpenSource
gthumb - An image viewer and browser for the GNOME environment2.7.4gnome2 GPL
gtk+ - The Gimp ToolKit (GTK)2.8.19gnome2 GPL
gtk+12 - The Gimp ToolKit (GTK)1.2.10gnome14 GPL
gtk+extra10 - A library of gtk+ widgets0.99.17gnome14 LGPL
gtk-engines - Default GTK+ theme engines2.6.10gnome2 GPL
gtk-engines10 - Default GTK+ theme engines0.12gnome14 GPL
gtk-perl10 - Perl bindings for GTK+ and GNOME0.7008perl LGPL
gtk-sharp - Dot Net language binding for the Gtk+ toolkit1.0.10gnome2 GPL
gtk-sharp2 - Dot Net language binding for the Gtk+ toolkit v22.8.2gnome2 GPL
gtk-xfce-engine2 - Port of xfce engine to GTK+- GPL
gtk2mp - A GTK2 front-end for Music Player Daemon0.8.0audio GPL
gtkam - Graphical front end for gphoto20.1.13graphic GPL
gtkdoc - GTK+ DocBook Documentation Generator1.6gnome2 GPL
gtkextra - A library of gtk+ widgets2.0.0gnome2 LGPL
gtkglext - An OpenGL extension to GTK+1.2.0gnome2 GPL
gtkglextmm - An C++ OpenGL extension to GTK+1.2.0gnome2 GPL
gtkhtml - HTML widget for GTK3.10.3gnome2 GPL
gtkhtml10 - HTML engine for GNOME1.1.10gnome14 GPL
gtklp - a graphical Frontend to CUPS1.2.2gnome2 GPL
gtkmm - The C++ bindings for the Gtk+2.8.8gnome2 LGPL
gtkmm12 - The C++ bindings for the Gtk+1.2.10gnome14 LGPL
gtkmozembed-sharp - Gecko bindings for Mono0.11gnome2 LGPL
gtkpbbuttons - A Gtk+ frontend for PBButtons0.6.7powerpc GPL
gtkpod - A graphical utility using gtk2 for managing your iPod0.94.0x11 GPL
gtksourceview - Gtk+2.x text widget extension1.6.2gnome2 GPL
gtksourceview-sharp - gtksourceview/.Net Bindings0.10gnome2 GPL
gtkspell - A spell checker for GtkTextView widgets2.0.11gnome2 GPL
gtoaster - A full CD creation suite for X111.0Beta6filesystem GPL
gucharmap - A Unicode/ISO10646 character map and font viewer1.6.0gnome2 GPL
guile - GNU extension language library1.6.7develop GPL
guppi - A GNOME plot library and program0.40.3gnome14 GPL
gv - A PostScript and PDF previewer3.5.8x11 GPL
gwenhywfar - A multi-purpose system abstraction library2.2.0develop GPL
gworkspace - The GNUstep workspace0.8.2gnustep GPL
gworldclock - Gnome world clock1.4.4gnome2 GPL
gxine - GTK+-based media player0.5.10multimedia GPL
gzip - The zip compression utility1.3.5archiver GPL
habak - A uniqe utility for setting desktop wallpaper0.2.5x11 GPL
hal - Hardware Abstraction Layer0.5.7base GPL
hddtemp - A tiny utility to just read the disk temerature via S.M.A.R.T0.3-beta14base GPL
hdf5 - NCSA Hierarchical Data Format v51.6.5develop OpenSource
hdparm - Get/set hard disk parameters6.6base BSD
heimdal - A Kerberos 5 implementation0.7.2security BSD
help2man - GNU Help 2 Man1.36.4develop GPL
hercules - The Hercules System/370, ESA/390 and z/Architecture Emulator3.04.1emulators OpenSource
hermes - A Graphics Library1.3.3graphic LGPL
hexedit - A simple, efficient binary editor1.2.10editors OpenSource
hexxagon - A board game with hexagons1.0games GPL
hfsutils - Utilities to access Macintosh disks in Unix3.2.6filesystem GPL
hicolor-icon-theme - Default icon theme0.5x11 Unknown
honeyd - Honeyd is a small daemon that creates virtual hosts on a network1.5bnetwork GPL
hostap - Host AP driver for Intersil Prism2/2.5/3 and WPA Supplicant0.4.9network GPL
hotapplet - Gnome applet showing PC sensor values0.2.2gnome2 GPL
hotplug - User space part of the LINUX kernel hotplug support2004_09_23base GPL
hotplug++ - A hotplug multiplexer and module loader written in C++0.1.1base GPL
howl - A Zeroconf networking IP networking1.0.0network GPL
howtos - The LDP HOWTOs and Mini-HOWTOs20051117base OpenSource
hpijs - HP Linux InkJet Driver Project2.1.4printing BSD
hping - A network auditing and testing tool2.0.0-rc3network GPL
hplip - HP Linux Imaging and Printing0.9.7printing GPL
htdig - WWW Search Engine Software3.2.0b6textproc GPL
hte - File editor/viewer/analyzer for executables2.0.8develop GPL
htmldoc - Converts HTML files into indexed HTML, Adobe PostScript, or Adobe PDF files1.8.26textproc GPL
htop - htop is an interactive process viewer for Linux0.6.2base GPL
hugin - A tool to stitch panoramas0.5graphic GPL
hydrogen - A drum machine/rhythm programmer0.9.3audio GPL
hylafax - A telecommunication system for UNIX systems4.3.0network OpenSource
i18nfolder - A Plone content type to manage i18n folder2.02zope OpenSource
i18nlayer - A fully transparent multilingual content solution for zope/plone0.5.7zope OpenSource
i8krellm - A GKrellM plugin to control fan speeds on Dell notebooks2.5gnome2 GPL
i8kutils - Tools for accessing the SMM BIOS of Dell Inspiron and Latitude laptops1.25contrib GPL
ibm-jdk-142 - a java development kit1.4.2-SR5java Restricted
ibm-jdk-150 - IBM Java Development Kit1.5.0-SR2java Restricted
ibm-jre-142 - a java runtime environment1.4.2-SR5java Restricted
ibm-jre-150 - IBM Java Runtime Environment1.5.0-SR2java Restricted
icc - The Intel C/C++ Compiler9.0.030x86 Commercial
iceauth - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
icecast - A streaming media broadcasting system2.3.1audio GPL
icecream - A fast, free distributed C/C++/... compiler frontend0.6-20050413develop GPL
icewm - A small, but powerful X11 window manager1.2.26x11 LGPL
ico - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
icu4c - International Components for Unicode for C/C++3.4.1develop OpenSource
id-utils - The GNU ID utilities3.2base GPL
id3lib - Library for ID3 tags manipulation3.8.3multimedia LGPL
idesk - A program that provides icons on an X11 desktop0.7.3x11 GPL
iexplorer - Microsoft Internet Explorer6.0www Commercial
ifenslave - Bonding userspace configuartion tool1.1.0base GPL
ifhp - General purpose print filter3.5.20printing OpenSource
ifplugd - A daemon to automatically configure a ethernet device on state change0.28network GPL
ifstat - Console-based network statistics utility1.1network GPL
ihotfix - iHotfix bugfix product0.6.0zope LGPL
ikaaro - IKAARO Content Management System0.14.0zope LGPL
imagemagick - Image manipulation tools and libraries6.3.4-5graphic OpenSource
imake - A make preprocessor1.0.2xorg OpenSource
img2iso - a IMG to ISO converter0.05.02filesystem OpenSource
imlib - Image loading and rendering library for X11R61.9.15x11 LGPL
imlib2 - Image loading and rendering library for X11R6 - Version 21.2.2e17 LGPL
imlib2_loaders - Several image format loader backends for imlib21.2.2e17 LGPL
imms - An advanced adaptive playlist framework3.0.2audio GPL
indent - Indent and transform a C program2.2.9develop GPL
inkscape - A Gtk-- SVG (Scaleable Vector Graphic) application0.45.1graphic GPL
inotify-tools - Command line utilities for the Linux inotify system1.5base GPL
input-utils - Linux Input sub-system utilities2005-05-15base GPL
inputproto - Input extension headers1.3.2xorg OpenSource
intltool - Gnome international tools0.34.2develop GPL
ipconfig - kinit ipconfig2006-06-26network GPL
iproute2 - Tools for advanced Linux IP Configuration051007network GPL
ipsec-tools - Linux 2.6+ IPsec utilities0.6.7network BSD
ipsvd - Internet protocol service daemons0.11.0network GPL
iptables - IP packet filter administration1.3.5network GPL
iptraf - Console-based network statistics utility3.0.0network GPL
ipvsadm - An utility to administer the IPVS kernel module for Linux 2.41.21-11network GPL
ipvsadm2 - An utility to administer the IPVS kernel module for Linux 2.61.24network GPL
ipw2100-fw - Intel® PRO/Wireless 2100 Driver for Linux1.3firmware GPL
ipw2200-fw - Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200 Driver for Linux3.0firmware GPL
ircii - Internet Relay Chat system client20040820network OpenSource
ircp - A tool to send and receive files over IRDA0.3network GPL
irda-utils - IrDA Utilities0.9.16network GPL
irssi - A ncurses IRC-Client0.8.10anetwork GPL
isakmpd - An ISAKMP/Oakley (a.k.a. IKE) implementation20041012network BSD
isdn4k-utils - Bundled Utilities for configuring an using ISDN4Linux2005-10-28network GPL
iso-codes - ISO-639 and 3166 code lists and gettext translations0.51textproc LGPL
itcl - Incremental TCL (TCL extension)3.3develop BSD
itools - Itools Python tools for web development0.12.3python LGPL
jabberd - Jabber server2.0s10network GPL
jack - The audio connection kit0.101.1audio GPL
jadetex - TeX for Jade3.13textproc OpenSource
jahshaka - A Cross platform, Open Source, Realtime Editing and Effects System2.0multimedia GPL
jakarta-bsf - Jakarta BSF - Bean Scripting Framework2.3.0java APL
jakarta-oro - Jakarta ORO2.0.8java APL
jakarta-regexp - 100% Java Regular Expressions Package1.3java APL
jam - A make-like program2.5develop OpenSource
jamin - A JACK Audio Mastering interface0.95.0audio GPL
jasper - JPEG-2000 Part-1 standard (i.e., ISO/IEC 15444-1) implementation1.701.0graphic OpenSource
java-dirtree - Java tree framework0000java GPL
jbigkit - Lossless image compression library1.6graphic GPL
jboss-as - JBoss J2EE Application Server4.0.3SP1java LGPL
jed - The JED Editor0.99-16editors GPL
jfsutils - JFS filesystem utilities1.1.11filesystem GPL
jhead - Exif Jpeg camera setting parser and thumbnail remover2.6graphic OpenSource
jikes - A compiler for the Java language1.22java IBM-Public-License
jmf - Java Media Framework (JMF)2.1.1ejava Restricted
jms-spec - Java Message Service (JMS)1.1java Restricted
joe - Joe's Own Editor3.4editors GPL
john - A password cracker to detect weak Unix (and other) passwords1.7.0.2security GPL
john-stracke-fonts - Freely available font by John Stracke2fonts LGPL
joystick - Joystick utilities1.2.14contrib GPL
jpeg2ps - JPEG to PostScript Level 2 (or PostScript 3) wrapper1.9graphic OpenSource
jpeginfo - A utility to generate informative listings from jpeg files1.6.0graphic OpenSource
jpilot - Palm pilot desktop software for Linux0.99.7network GPL
jpilot-syncmal - SyncMAL plugin for J-Pilot0.72.1network GPL
junit - JUnit3.8.1java OpenSource
k3b - A KDE cd-writting application0.12.15kde GPL
k3b-i18n - multi language support for k3b0.12.15kde GPL
kaffe - Clean room implementation of the Java virtual machine1.1.7java GPL
kaffeine - A KDE multimedia player0.8.1kde GPL
kahakai - A fork of the Waimea window manager0.6.2x11 GPL
kanatest - Drill program for Hiragana and Katakana0.3.6dictionary GPL
kanjipad - Japanese Handwriting recognition1.2.3dictionary GPL
kbarcode - A barcode and label printing application2.0.3kde GPL
kbd - Keyboard and console utilities for Linux1.12base GPL
kbproto - KB extension headers1.0.2xorg OpenSource
kde-i18n-bg - Bulgarian translations for KDE3.5.6kde GPL
kde-i18n-de - German translations for KDE3.5.6kde GPL
kde-i18n-es - Spanish translations for KDE3.5.6kde GPL
kde-i18n-fr - Frensh translations for KDE3.5.6kde GPL
kde-i18n-it - Italian translations for KDE3.5.6kde GPL
kdeaccessibility - KDE accessibility aids3.5.6kde GPL
kdeaddons - Additional plugins for some KDE applications3.5.6kde GPL
kdeadmin - The KDE system maintenany tools3.5.6kde GPL
kdeartwork - Additional KDE artworks3.5.6kde GPL
kdebase - The KDE basic system3.5.6kde GPL
kdebindings - KDE bindings for various programming languages3.5.6kde GPL
kdebluetooth - KDE Bluetooth support1.0_beta1kde GPL
kdeedu - Some educational KDE tools for kids3.5.6kde GPL
kdegames - The KDE games3.5.6kde GPL
kdegraphics - KDE graphic oriented applications3.5.6kde GPL
kdelibs - The KDE core libraries3.5.6kde GPL
kdemultimedia - KDE multimeda applications3.5.6kde GPL
kdenetwork - Some KDE network applications3.5.6kde GPL
kdepim - KDE's personal informations management tools3.5.6kde GPL
kdesdk - KDE development tools3.5.6kde GPL
kdetoys - Some toy-tool for KDE3.5.6kde GPL
kdetv - TV-Application for KDE0.8.8multimedia GPL
kdeutils - Some KDE utilities3.5.6kde GPL
kdevelop - The Integrated Development Environment of KDE3.3.6kde GPL
kdewebdev - KDE web development tools3.5.6kde GPL
kdissert - A mindmapping-like tool1.0.5kde GPL
keepalived - Keepalive facility for the IPVS kernel module1.1.12network GPL
keynote - KeyNote trust management library2.3security BSD
kid - a simple Python based template language for XML vocabularies0.6.4textproc MIT
kile - An integrated LaTeX environment1.9.3textproc GPL
kino - A non-linear DV editor for IEEE1394-DV1.1.1multimedia GPL
kiosktool - A tool for KDE's KIOSK features1.0kde GPL
kismet - An 802.11 wireless network sniffer2005-08-R1network GPL
kiss - The Keep It Simple Shell0.21shells GPL
kiwi - A framework for developing graphical applications in Python and PyGTK1.9.8python GPL
klear - A KDE DVB applicattion0.5.4multimedia GPL
kmymoney - A KDE finance software with homebanking features0.8.1kde GPL
knetconf - Graphical T2 network configurationr281network GPL
kobo_deluxe - Kobo Deluxe0.4pre10games GPL
koffice - The office-suite of the KDE project1.6.2kde GPL
koffice-i18n - The translations for the office-suite of the KDE project1.6.2kde GPL
konversation - An IRC client for KDE0.19kde GPL
koules - multiplayer action game1.0.0games OpenSource
kphone - An Internet Protocol phone using the SIP protocol4.2multimedia GPL
krusader - An advanced twin panel (commander style) file manager for KDE1.70.1kde GPL
ksymoops - A utility to decode Linux kernel Oops2.4.11base GPL
ktcpvs - Kernel TCP Virtual Server0.0.18network GPL
kterm - Xterm with additional Japanese and Korean Support6.2.0x11 GPL
ktoon - 2D Animation Toolkit0.7.3kde GPL
kupu - A WYSIWYG Theme editor for CMF, CPS and Plone1.2.1zope OpenSource
kvirc - KVIrc is a free portable Internet Relay Chat client based Qt GUI toolkit.3.2.0kde GPL
kxdocker - A dock for KDE with cool visual enhancements and effects0.39kde GPL
kzenexplorer - KZenExplorer allows to manage the tracks and playlist on any mp3 player supported by libnjb.0.6kde OpenSource
l7-filter - Application Layer Packet Classifier for Linux2006-06-03network GPL
lablgtk - An Objective Caml interface to gtk+2.6.0gnome2 GPL
ladspa - Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API1.12audio LGPL
ladspa-caps - LADSPA plugins for amp modeling, stomp-boxes and others0.2.3audio GPL
ladspa-cmt - CMT LADSPA Plugins1.15audio LGPL
ladspa-mcp - LADSPA plugins - phaser, chorus, voltage controlled lowpass filter0.3.0audio GPL
ladspa-rev - A stereo reverb LADSPA plugin0.3.1audio GPL
ladspa-swh-plugins - A set of LADSPA plugins0.4.14audio GPL
ladspa-tap - Tom's Audio Processing LADSPA plugins0.7.0audio GPL
ladspa-vcf - LADSPA Plugin0.0.5audio GPL
ladspa-vco - Anti-aliased oscillator plugins for LADSPA0.3.0audio GPL
ladspa-vlevel - A dynamic audio compressor0.5audio GPL
ladspa-vocoder - LADSPA Vocoder Plugin0.3audio GPL
ladspa-vst - LADSPA VST Plugin0.1.6attic GPL
lame - LAME Ain't an Mp3 Encoder3.97baudio LGPL
lat - LDAP Administration Tool written on Gtk#1.0.4network GPL
latex2html - A LaTeX to HTML converter2002-2-1textproc OpenSource
lazyfs - LazyFS kernel module for Zero Install0.1.25filesystem GPL
lbreakout2 - A breakout like game in the style of Arkanoid clone2.6beta-6games GPL
lbxproxy - LBX (Low Bandwidth X) proxy1.0.1xorg OpenSource
lcap - Linux Kernel Capability Bounding Set Editor0.0.6base GPL
lcdemu - Liquid Cristal Display emulator0.6.0emulators GPL
lcdproc - Software to display system information from your Linux/*BSD box on a LCD0.5.0contrib GPL
lcdutils - Small utilities to play with cobalts front panel buttons and lcd0.2mips GPL
lcms - A little Color Management System1.15graphic MIT
ldap2dns - A tool to generate DNS data from an LDAP database0.3.6network GPL
ldapdiff - ldif generator1.1.0contrib GPL
ldapdns - A tiny, fast authoritative nameserver using LDAP as backend2.06network GPL
ldapuserfolder - A user folder replacement for Zope that authenticates Zope users against LDAP.2.5zope OpenSource
less - A paginator similar to "more" or "pg"382base GPL
lesspipe - A preprocessor for less1.53contrib GPL
lesstif - An OpenSource OSF/Motif Clone0.94.4x11 GPL
lftp - A ftp client3.4.7network GPL
lgeneral - A Panzer General clone1.1.1games GPL
lib765 - Lib765 is a floppy controller emulation library0.3.4emulators GPL
libao - A cross platform audio library0.8.6audio GPL
libart_lgpl23 - A library for high-performance 2D graphics2.3.17x11 LGPL
libassuan - GnuPG standalone IPC library1.0.0security LGPL
libast - A multi-purpose utility library0.7develop BSD
libavc1394 - 1394 AV/C command set library0.5.0multimedia GPL
libbonobo - The GNOME component and compound document system2.14.0gnome2 LGPL
libbonobomm - C++ wrappers for bonobo2005-05-25attic LGPL
libbonoboui - The UI for the GNOME component and compound document system2.14.0gnome2 LGPL
libbonobouimm - C++ wrapper for libbonoboui2005-05-25attic LGPL
libcap - A library for getting and setting POSIX.1e capabilities1.10base GPL
libcapplet15 - GNOME Config Applet library v1.4 (compat)1.5.11gnome14 GPL
libcdaudio - A cddb and cd playing library0.99.12p2audio GPL
libcdio - A CD-ROM reading and control library0.77multimedia GPL
libchipcard - Accessing chipdrives0.9.1security GPL
libchipcard2 - Accessing chipdrives2.1.4security GPL
libcroco - A CSS parsing and manipulation toolkit0.6.1gnome2 GPL
libcss - A library for decrypting the css algorithm0.1.0multimedia GPL
libdaemon - A lightweight C library which eases the writing of UNIX daemons0.8base GPL
libdc1394 - 1394 DC command set library1.2.1multimedia GPL
libdmx - X Window System DMX (Distributed Multihead X) extension1.0.2xorg OpenSource
libdnet - A simplified, portable interface to several low-level networking routines.1.11develop OpenSource
libdnsres - A non-blocking DNS resolver library0.1adevelop GPL
libdockapp - A library that provides a framework for developing dockapps0.6.1x11 OpenSource
libdrm - A modular X package2.0xorg OpenSource
libdsk - LibDSK is a library for accessing discs and disc image files1.1.10emulators GPL
libdv - Quasar DV codec library0.104multimedia GPL
libdvb - DVB library0.5.5.1multimedia GPL
libdvbpsi3 - A library for DVB and PSI decoding and generating0.1.4multimedia GPL
libdvdcss - Implements the CSS decryption1.2.9multimedia GPL
libdvdnav - A DVD Navigator library0.1.10multimedia GPL
libdvdplay - A library for DVD navigation support1.0.1multimedia GPL
libdvdread - A library for accessing DVD drives0.9.6multimedia GPL
libebml - Library for EBML0.7.7multimedia GPL
libelf - ELF object file access library0.8.6base LGPL
libesmtp - A library for posting Electronic Mail1.0.4mail GPL
libetpan - A portable, efficient middleware for accessing mails0.45mail GPL
libevent - A library for asynchronous event notification1.1adevelop BSD
libexif - A EXIF tag and data access library0.6.16graphic GPL
libexif-gtk - GTK frontend to the libexif library0.3.5graphic GPL
libexo - Extension library to Xfce0.3.1.2alpha-r19548xfce4 GPL
libfame - A video encoding library0.9.1multimedia GPL
libfontenc - X11 font encoding library1.0.2xorg OpenSource
libfs - Library Interface to the X Font Server1.0.0xorg OpenSource
libfwbuilder - fwbuilder library2.0.12security OpenSource
libgail-gnome - The GNOME accesssibility interface library1.1.3gnome2 LGPL
libgcrypt - General purpose cryptographic library1.2.2security GPL
libgd - A graphics library for fast image creation2.0.35x11 OpenSource
libgda - GNOME-2 database access1.3.91gnome2 LGPL
libgdiplus - Library for using System.Drawing with Mono1.1.13.2develop LGPL
libghttp10 - Gnome library for HTTP 1.1 requests1.0.9gnome14 GPL
libgift - Filesharing tool0.11.8.1network GPL
libgksu - A library that provides simple su and sudo functionality1.3.8gnome2 GPL
libgksuui - A Gtk+ convenience widget for authorization dialogs1.0.7gnome2 GPL
libglade - A GUI creation library for Gtk+2.5.1gnome2 GPL
libglade10 - Libglade library0.17gnome14 GPL
libglademm - C++ wrapper for libglade2.6.2gnome2 LGPL
libgli - A toolkit to create OpenGL User Interfaces0.4x11 LGPL
libgnome - The GNOME core libraries2.14.1gnome2 LGPL
libgnomecanvas - Vector drawing widget for GTK+/Gnome2.14.0gnome2 LGPL
libgnomecanvasmm - C++ wrapper for libgnomecanvas2.14.0gnome2 LGPL
libgnomecups - GNOME cups library0.2.2gnome2 LGPL
libgnomedb - GNOME-2 database access library1.3.91gnome2 LGPL
libgnomemm - C++ wrapper for libgnome2.14.0gnome2 LGPL
libgnomeprint - The GNOME printer access library2.12.1gnome2 LGPL
libgnomeprintui - The UI GNOME printer access library2.12.1gnome2 LGPL
libgnomeui - The UI GNOME core libraries2.14.1gnome2 LGPL
libgnomeuimm - C++ wrapper for libgnomeui2.14.0gnome2 GPL
libgpg-error - Library that defines common error values for GnuPG components1.4security GPL
libgphoto - The GNU Digital Still Camera Library2.1.6graphic GPL
libgpod - A library to access the contents of an iPod0.4.2audio LGPL
libgsf - The GNOME Structured File Library1.14.3gnome2 GPL
libgtkhtml - A HTML engine for GNOME-22.11.0gnome2 GPL
libgtop - CPU and memory usage library2.14.6gnome2 GPL
libiax - A Library for the Inter-Asterisk eXchange (IAX) protocol.0.2.2develop GPL
libice - X Inter-Client Exchange (ICE) protocol library1.0.1xorg OpenSource
libiconv - Library converting between character encodings1.9.2base GPL
libid3tag - A MP3 ID3 tag editing library0.15.1baudio GPL
libidl - Library for creating trees of CORBA IDL files0.8.7gnome2 LGPL
libidn - Stringprep, Punycode and IDNA implementation0.6.3network LGPL
libiec61883 - Library for capturing video (dv or mpeg2) over the IEEE 1394 bus1.0.0multimedia LGPL
libjpeg - The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG software6bgraphic OpenSource
libkexif - KDE EXIF access0.2.2kde GPL
libkipi - KDE picture editing framework0.1.2kde GPL
libksba - API to create and parse X.509 and CMS related objects1.0.1security GPL
libkxl - Gaming library1.1.7games GPL
liblbxutil - LBX (Low Bandwidth X) utility library1.0.1xorg OpenSource
liblockfile - NFS-safe locking library, includes dotlockfile program1.06.1base LGPL
liblrdf - An RDF library0.3.7audio GPL
libmad - MPEG Audio Decoder0.15.1baudio GPL
libmatroska - Library for the .mkv video format0.8.0multimedia GPL
libmcrypt - A library for encryption. It can be built into PHP2.5.7security LGPL
libmemcache - memcache C API1.4.0-rc2develop OpenSource
libmhash - A free library for uniform access to hash algorithms0.9.2develop LGPL
libmikmod - Library for sound files in various MOD formats3.1.10multimedia GPL
libmng - A library of functions for manipulating MNG imaage files1.0.9graphic OpenSource
libmpeg - The MPEG Library1.3.1multimedia OpenSource
libmpeg2 - The MPEG Library - version 20.4.0bmultimedia GPL
libmpeg3 - The MPEG Library - version 31.6multimedia GPL
libmspack - A library for Microsoft compression formats2005-02-28archiver LGPL
libmusicbrainz - MusicBrainz Client Library2.1.3audio LGPL
libnet - A toolkit for the construction and injection of network packets1.1.2.1network BSD
libnfsidmap - Library to help mapping id's, mainly for NFSv40.16develop OpenSource
libnids - A e-component of network intrusion detection systems1.20security GPL
libnjb - A C library and API for communicating with the Creative Nomad JukeBox and Dell DJ digital audio players2.2.5develop OpenSource
libnl - libnl - netlink library0.50network LGPL
libnotify - A Notifications Library0.4.0develop GPL
libofx - A parser and API for OFX command responses0.8.0office GPL
libogg - Open source bitstream container format1.1.3audio GPL
liboil - A simple function library optimized for various CPUs.0.3.9develop OpenSource
libol - Needed by syslog-ng (compile time)0.3.18base OpenSource
liboldx - The oldX Library1.0.1xorg OpenSource
libole - Structured Storage OLE2 library2.2.8gnome2 GPL
libosip - The GNU oSIP library is used in VoIP applications0.9.7multimedia GPL
libosip2 - The GNU oSIP2 library is used in VoIP applications2.2.2multimedia GPL
libotr - This is the portable OTR Messaging Library3.0.0network GPL
libowfat - A GPL reimplementation of libdjb0.24develop GPL
libpano - Panorama backend library2.8.3graphic GPL
libpcap - System-independent packet captureing library0.9.4base OpenSource
libpixman - Pixel manipulation library0.1.6x11 BSD
libpng - Portable Network Graphics (PNG) Reference Library1.2.8graphic OpenSource
libprelude - The central library for Prelude-IDS framework0.9.8security OpenSource
libpreludedb - Library that provides easy access to the Prelude database0.9.7.1security OpenSource
libpri - Primary Rate ISDN (PRI) library for the Asterisk PBX.1.2.3develop GPL
libptp - A library implementing the PTP protocol1.1.0graphic GPL
libquicktime - A library for reading and writing quicktime files0.9.8multimedia OpenSource
libraw1394 - Library for direct IEEE 1394 bus access1.2.1base GPL
librep - An embeddable LISP environment0.17develop GPL
librsvg - A library implementing the SVG image format2.14.4gnome2 LGPL
librsync - Network-delta library0.9.7network GPL
libsafe - Detection and protection against stack smashing attacks2.0-16base GPL
libsamplerate - A Sample Rate Converter library for audio0.1.2audio GPL
libsdl - A cross-platform Graphic API1.2.9graphic GPL
libsdl_console - A drop-down console window for SDL programs2.1graphic GPL
libsdl_gfx - A graphics primitive toolkit for SDL2.0.13graphic GPL
libsdl_image - A cross-platform Graphic API1.2.4graphic GPL
libsdl_mixer - Simple Directmedia Layer - Mixer1.2.6graphic GPL
libsdl_net - A simple cross-platform network library1.2.5graphic GPL
libsdl_perl - The glue between SDL and perl1.20.0perl GPL
libsdl_sound - A library to decode popular audio formats1.0.1graphic LGPL
libsdl_ttf - A library to use TrueType fonts in SDL applications2.0.7graphic GPL
libsdlmm - A C++ class-based wrapper for SDL0.1.8graphic GPL
libselinux - SELinux library and simple utilities1.28selinux PublicDomain
libsepol - SELinux binary policy manipulation library1.10selinux GPL
libshout - A library for streaming to icecast2.2.1audio GPL
libsigc++ - Typesafe Signal Framework for C++2.0.17develop LGPL
libsigc++1 - Typesafe Signal Framework for C++1.0.4develop LGPL
libsigc++12 - Typesafe Signal Framework for C++1.2.5develop LGPL
libsigsegv - A library for handling page faults2.2develop GPL
libsm - X11 Inter-Client Exchange library1.0.1xorg OpenSource
libsndfile - A library for accessing various audio file formats1.0.16audio LGPL
libsoup - HTTP library implementation in C2.2.99gnome2 LGPL
libspectrum - Libspectrum is a library used by FUSE to handle various file formats0.2.2emulators GPL
libstdc++-v3 - libstdc++ v3 (compatibility package)v3compat GPL
libstdc++-v3-32 - libstdc++ v3 (compatibility package)v3compat GPL
libstroke - A stroke (pushes) interface library0.5.1fvwmgraphic GPL
libsvg - A library for SVG files0.1.4x11 LGPL
libsvg-cairo - Render SVG content using cairo0.1.6x11 LGPL
libtasn1 - Development library for ASN.1 structures management0.3.4develop OpenSource
libtextcat - A library for efficient, lightweight text classification2.2develop BSD
libtheora - An open video codec being developed by the Xiph.org Foundation1.0alpha6multimedia GPL
libtiff - A library for reading and writing TIFF files3.7.4graphic OpenSource
libtool - Generic library support script1.5.22base GPL
libtorrent - A BitTorrent library written in C++0.9.0network GPL
libungif - Reading and writing gif images4.1.4graphic OpenSource
libunicode - Library for manipulating Unicode characters and string0.4.gnometextproc LGPL
libusb - OS independent USB device access0.1.11base GPL
libvncserver - Library for easy implementation of a RDP/VNC server0.8x11 GPL
libvorbis - Lossless audio compression tools using the ogg-vorbis algorithms1.1.2audio GPL
libvserver - A syscall wrapper library for the Linux-VServer syscall interface1.0.2security OpenSource
libwbxml2 - A WBXML parser and encoder0.9.0develop GPL
libwnck - Window Navigator Construction Kit2.14.3gnome2 LGPL
libwpd - A library for importing WordPerfect (tm) documents0.8.9office LGPL
libx11 - X Library1.0.0xorg OpenSource
libxau - X authorization file management libary1.0.0xorg OpenSource
libxaw - X Athena Widgets1.0.2xorg OpenSource
libxcomposite - X Composite Library0.2.2.2xorg OpenSource
libxcursor - X11 Cursor management library1.1.6xorg OpenSource
libxdamage - X11 damaged region extension library1.0.3xorg OpenSource
libxdmcp - X11 authorization library1.0.1xorg OpenSource
libxevie - X Event Interception Extension1.0.1xorg OpenSource
libxext - X11 miscellaneous extensions library1.0.1xorg OpenSource
libxfce4mcs - Multi-channel settings management support for xfce4.2.3xfce4 LGPL
libxfce4util - Utility library for the XFce4 desktop environment4.2.3.2xfce4 BSD
libxfcegui4 - Various gtk widgets for xfce4.2.3xfce4 LGPL
libxfixes - X Fixes Library3.0.1.2xorg OpenSource
libxfont - X font Library1.0.0xorg OpenSource
libxfontcache - X-TrueType font cache extension client library1.0.2xorg OpenSource
libxft - X FreeType library2.1.8.2xorg OpenSource
libxi - X11 Input extension library1.0.1xorg OpenSource
libxinerama - The Xinerama Library1.0.1xorg OpenSource
libxkbfile - X11 keyboard file manipulation library1.0.3xorg OpenSource
libxkbui - X11 keyboard UI presentation library1.0.2xorg OpenSource
libxklavier - Utility library to make XKB stuff easier2.2gnome2 LGPL
libxml - XML parser library for Gnome2.6.26textproc LGPL
libxml++ - libxml++ is a C++ wrapper for the libxml XML parser library2.14.0textproc GPL
libxml1 - XML parser library for Gnome1.8.17textproc LGPL
libxmu - X11 miscellaneous utility library1.0.1xorg OpenSource
libxp - X Print Library1.0.0xorg OpenSource
libxpm - X11 pixmap library3.5.5xorg OpenSource
libxprintapputil - The XprintAppUtil Library1.0.1xorg OpenSource
libxprintutil - The XprintUtil Library1.0.1xorg OpenSource
libxrandr - X Resize, Rotate and Reflection extension client library1.1.1xorg OpenSource
libxrender - X Rendering Extension client library0.9.1xorg OpenSource
libxres - X-Resource extension client library1.0.1xorg OpenSource
libxscrnsaver - The XScrnSaver Library1.0.1xorg OpenSource
libxslt - A XSLT library1.1.17textproc LGPL
libxt - X11 toolkit intrinsics library1.0.1xorg OpenSource
libxtrap - X Trap Library1.0.0xorg OpenSource
libxtst - The Xtst Library1.0.1xorg OpenSource
libxv - The Xv Library1.0.1xorg OpenSource
libxvmc - X-Video Motion Compensation library1.0.2xorg OpenSource
libxxf86dga - Client library for the XFree86-DGA extension1.0.1xorg OpenSource
libxxf86misc - Extension library for the XFree86-Misc X extension1.0.1xorg OpenSource
libxxf86vm - Extension library for the XFree86-VidMode X extension1.0.1xorg OpenSource
libzvbi - The Zapzilla VBI library0.2.22multimedia GPL
libzvt - Pseudo terminal handling library2.0.1gnome2 LGPL
licq - A Client for the ICQ-Instant-Messenger1.3.2network GPL
liferea - A FeedReader clone for GNU/Linux1.0.13network GPL
lighttpd - A light HTTP server1.4.18network BSD
lilo - Generic boot loader for Linux on ix86 based PCs22.7.1x86 GPL
linc - Library for easing the writing of networked servers & clients1.1.1gnome2 LGPL
lincity-ng - A city simulation game1.0.3games GPL
linesrv - LineServer deamon2.1.20network GPL
linguaplone - An easy-to-use, powerful add-on for multilingual content management in PLone0.8.5zope OpenSource
links - A text and graphics mode portable WWW browser2.1pre22www GPL
linphone - An Internet Protocol phone using the SIP protocol1.3.5multimedia GPL
linux-header - "Sanitized" Linux kernel headers2.6.12.5base GPL
linux24 - The Linux kernel precompiled kernel binary image and modules2.4.34base GPL
linux24-psionw - A specially patched Linux kernel for Psion Windermere ARM PDAs2.4.27-vrs1-5mx2-ska-2arm GPL
linux26 - The Linux kernel 2.6 precompiled kernel binary image and modules2.6.17.14base GPL
linux26mips - Precompiled Linux kernel binary image and modules for MIPS / MIPS642.6.12-IOC3-R25-IP30-R26mips GPL
linux26mm - The Linux kernel 2.6 precompiled kernel binary image and modules2.6.17-rc4-mm1base GPL
linux26sh - Precompiled Linux kernel binary image and modules for SuperH / SuperH642.6.13.4-sh-patch-483superh GPL
linuxwacom - Replacement driver for wacom tablets0.7.2x11 GPL
liquidwar - A unique multiplayer wargame5.6.3games GPL
lirc - LIRC0.8.0multimedia GPL
listres - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
live - A set of C++ libraries for RTSP multimedia streaming2005.07.23multimedia LGPL
lives - The Linux Video Editing System0.9.5multimedia GPL
lm_sensors - Hardware monitoring via the SMBus2.9.1base GPL
lmarbles - An Atomix clone1.0.7games GPL
lock-keys-applet - An applet that shows the status of your Caps, Num, and Scroll Lock keys1.0gnome2 GPL
log4cpp - Log library for C++0.3.4bdevelop LGPL
log4cxx - A free C++ logging library0.9.7develop APL
longrun - Transmeta crusoe cpu energy management userspace utility0.9x86 GPL
loop-aes - Some AES enhanced loop Linux kernel module3.1dsecurity GPL
loudmouth - A Jabber client library1.0.3gnome2 GPL
lpairs - A Memory-like strategy game1.0.1games GPL
lprng - Next Generation Line-Printer-Spooler3.8.28printing OpenSource
lrzsz - X/Y/ZModem tools0.12.20base GPL
lsdvd - Shows information about the contents and structure of a DVD0.16multimedia GPL
lsof - List open files4.77base GPL
ltmm - C++ interface to libltdl1.5develop LGPL
ltrace - Library call tracer0.4base GPL
ltris - A Tetris clone1.0.11games GPL
lua - Lua is a powerful light-weight programming language5.1develop MIT
lua-curses - LUA (n)curses module0.1lua Unknown
lua-pcre - PCRE lua module base on lrexlib1.19lua MIT
lua-posix - A POSIX library for Lua5.0-t2lua PublicDomain
lua-rx - POSIX regex lua module base on lrexlib1.19lua MIT
luaexpat - A Lua SAX XML parser based on Expat.1.0.1lua OpenSource
luafilesystem - A Lua library with enhanced file system functions1.2lua OpenSource
lualdap - A simple interface from Lua to LDAP client functions.1.0lua OpenSource
luasocket - A Lua extension library for the TCP and UDP transport layers.2.0lua OpenSource
luatar - LUA-module for accessing TAR archives0.0lua LGPL
luit - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
luma - GUI for accessing and managing LDAP servers2.3network GPL
luminocity - An experimental, composing, eye-candy Xserver / window manager2005-04-16x11-ng GPL
lvm - Logical Volume Management1.0.8base GPL
lvm2 - Logical Volume Management (Version 2)2.02.05base GPL
lxsplit - Split up huge files into smaller pieces without compression0.1.1archiver GPL
lynx - Web Browser for the Terminal2.8.5www GPL
lyx - An advanced LaTeX-based typesetting and text editing program1.3.7editors GPL
lzma - A file compression utility using the LZMA algorithm4.27.1archiver LGPL
lzo - A fast compression library2.02archiver GPL
lzop - A LZO frontend1.02rc1archiver GPL
m4 - The m4 macro processor1.4.3base GPL
mac-fdisk - Macintosh specific partitioning utility0.1-10powerpc GPL
macchanger - A utility for manipulating MAC addresses of network interfaces1.5.0network GPL
macosd - An X application to visualize Apple laptop events0.3.1powerpc GPL
madplay - A MPEG audio decoder program0.15.2baudio GPL
madwifi - Driver for the Altheros wifi 802.11a/b/g chipsetr1614-20060601network GPL
magicolor2430dl - Rasterizer for Konica Minolta 2430 DL1.5.0printing GPL
magicpoint - A X11 presentation tool1.11bgraphic GPL
mahjong - A chinese board game1.7games GPL
maildrop - Mail delivery agent with filtering abilities2.0.1mail GPL
mailman - Mailman, the GNU Mailing List Manager2.1.8mail GPL
mailscanner - An email virus scanner, vulnerability protector, and spam handler4.46.2-2mail GPL
mailx - The debian port of the BSD mailx package8.1.1-11mail OpenSource
make - GNU make utility to maintain groups of programs3.81base GPL
makedepend - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
man - Format and display the on-line manual pages1.6bbase GPL
man-pages - Over 1100 man pages for Linux2.33base OpenSource
marlin - A sample editor for Gnome0.9audio GPL
matrox-mtx - Matrox MTX (Parhelia) Linux driver1.4.1x11 Free-to-use
maven - Apache Maven 22.0.4java APL
maven1 - Apache Maven1.0.2java APL
maverik - A Virtual Reality micro kernel6.2multimedia GPL
maxima - A sophisticated computer algebra system5.9.3scientific GPL
mc - The Midnight Commander visual shell4.1.40-pre9shells GPL
mdadm - Raid Configuration Tool2.4.1base GPL
mdf2iso - a MDF to ISO converter0.3filesystem OpenSource
mdmh - a command-line email interface for Maildir folders0.7mail OpenSource
mdnsresponder - The Apple reference Zeroconf implementation107network APSL
mdyndns - A small DynDNS client.0.2.1network GPL
memcached - A high-performance, distributed memory object caching system1.1.12network OpenSource
memprof - A Tool for memory profiling and leak detection0.5.9develop GPL
memtest86 - A stand-alone memory diagnostic program for x861.65x86 GPL
memtester - Userspace utility for testing the memory subsystem4.0.5base GPL
mercurial - A fast and lightweight distributed source control management system0.9develop GPL
mergeant - GNOME-2 database front-end0.62gnome2 LGPL
mesa - 3-D graphics library with OpenGL API6.4.2x11 OpenSource
mesa-demos - Mesa 3D demos6.4.1x11 OpenSource
mess822 - A library for parsing Internet mail messages0.58mail OpenSource
metacity - Yet another window manager for the GNOME project2.14.5gnome2 LGPL
metakit - The database that fits in the palm of your hand2.4.9.5database GPL
metamail - MIME decoder2.7mail GPL
metasploit - A platform for developing and using exploit code2.5security Artistic
metatheme - Tools for manageing GNOME theme sets0.9.7gnome2 LGPL
mew - Message client for Emacs5.1mail GPL
mflip - MFlip is a flipbook, an image sequence player0.30graphic GPL
micq - A ICQ Client0.5.0.4network BSD
microcode_ctl - Intel Microcode Update Utility1.12x86 GPL
microsoft-web-core-fonts - Freely available web core fonts from Microsoft(R)0.1fonts Free-to-use
mine - The ROCK Linux Package Manager0.23archiver GPL
mined - A text-mode editor with extensive Unicode support2000.11editors GPL
minicom - Friendly serial communication program2.1network GPL
mininet - Very small network utilities2005-12-26network GPL
minised - This is a implementation of the POSIX stream editor1.10base GPL
minit - A very small replacement for SysVinit0.10base OpenSource
miscfiles - The GNU miscfiles distribution1.4.2base OpenSource
mixmagic - Harddisc sound mixing program for Gnome0.1.7audio GPL
mjpegtools - Programs for MJPEG recording and playback1.8.0multimedia GPL
mkfontdir - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
mkfontscale - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
mkinitrd - initrd2005-12-26base GPL
mkpkg - command-line tool for creating packages2003-09-09base GPL
mktemp - Make temporary filename (unique)1.5base BSD
mkttfontdir - Generates the font information for TrueType fonts0.1x11 OpenSource
mldonkey - An eDonkey p2p client2.9.0network GPL
mlt - Multimedia framework designed for television broadcasting2006-05-10multimedia LGPL
mlt++ - C++ mlt wrapper2006-05-10multimedia LGPL
mlview - An xml editor for Gnome0.9.0editors GPL
mmv - A program to move/copy/append/link multiple files by wildcard patterns1.01bbase OpenSource
mod_auth_krb5 - Kerberos authentication for Apache5.2security BSD
mod_mono - The mono apache module (ASP.NET) GPL
mod_perl - The marriage of Apache and Perl2.0.2perl APL
mod_python - Apache/Python Integration3.1.4python GPL
mod_ruby - The ruby apache module1.2.5ruby GPL
mod_security - An embedded intrusion detection and prevention engine for web applications2.1.1network GPL
module-init-tools - The programs needed to load and unload Linux Kernel Modules3.2.2base GPL
modutils - The programs needed to load and unload Linux Kernel Modules2.4.27base GPL
mol - Mac On Linux0.9.70powerpc GPL
moneypenny - Homebanking Interface based on the German common HBCI Standard1.0-rc1office GPL
mono - Unix version of the Microsoft .NET development platform1.1.13.2develop GPL
mono-develop - Graphical debugger written in c# for Mono0.10develop GPL
mono-doc - Tools for Mono's documentation, and the documentation itself1.1.13develop GPL
mono-xsp - Small web server for running what is known as ASP.NET1.1.13develop GPL
monotone - A distributed version control system0.26develop GPL
most - A most powerful paging program4.9.5base GPL
motor - A text mode based programming environment for Linux3.3.0develop GPL
mouseemu - Mouse Emulation Daemon0.12base GPL
mowitz - ("More widgets") library0.3.0x11 GPL
mozplugger - Streaming Multimedia Plugin for Unix Mozilla1.7.3www GPL
mp3info - A MP3 techical info viewer and ID3 1.x tag editor0.8.4audio GPL
mpc - A command-line tool for interfacing Music Player Daemon (MPD)0.11.2audio GPL
mpd - A jukebox server that controls music playback (MP3, Ogg and Flac)0.11.5audio GPL
mpg321 - A simple CML mp3 player0.2.10audio GPL
mpgtx - A command line MPEG audio/video/system file toolbox1.3.1multimedia GPL
mplayer - A powerful movie player for Linux with subtitles and console support1.0pre7try2multimedia GPL
mplayer-fonts - Additional fonts for MPlayer1.0.3fonts GPL
mplayerplug-in - A browser plugin that uses mplayer to play digital media from websites3.25multimedia GPL
mproxy - A small non-caching HTTP/HTTPS proxy.0.3.1network GPL
mrxvt - Lightweight Xterm replacement0.5.0x11 GPL
mt-st - Tape control programs for Linux SCSI tapes0.9base GPL
mtcps - A small and fast inetd replacement.0.2.2network GPL
mtd-tools - A generic Linux subsystem for memory devices, especially Flash devices20060125filesystem GPL
mtools - Utilities to directly access DOS disks in Unix3.9.10base GPL
mtr - Matt's TraceRoute0.71network GPL
multisync - A calendar synchronization program0.82-2005-07-01office GPL
musicbrainz-trm - MusicBrainz TRM Generator0.2.1audio LGPL
mutella - A gnutella client which can be used via command-line or webinterface0.4.5network Free-to-use
mutt - A mail reader1.4.2.1imail GPL
muttprint - Pretty mail printing for your mailreader0.72dmail GPL
mxml - An extremely small XML parsing library for C2.2.2develop GPL
mysql - A database server5.0.45database LGPL
mysqlcc - MySQL Control Center0.9.4database GPL
mythtv - A powerful TV application0.19multimedia GPL
mythtv-plugins - A powerful TV application - Plugins0.19multimedia GPL
mythtv-themes - A powerful TV application - Themes0.19multimedia OpenSource
nagios - Nagios host and service monitor2.5network OpenSource
nagios-plugins - Plugins for Nagios host and service monitor1.4.3network OpenSource
nail - an enhanced mailx command11.25mail BSD
nano - Pico editor clone with enhancements1.2.5editors GPL
nas - A network-transparent, client/server audio transport system1.9audio MIT
nasm - A 80x86 assembler which can create a wide rande of object formats0.98.39x86 GPL
nautilus - The new GNOME file and web browser2.14.3gnome2 GPL
nautilus-cd-burner - Nautilus CD Burner2.14.3gnome2 GPL
nautilus-eiciel - Nautilus ACL extensions0.9.2gnome2 GPL
ncftp - A cool FTP client3.1.9network OpenSource
ncompress - An improved version of compress4.2.4archiver OpenSource
ncp - A fast file copy tool for LANs1.2.4network OpenSource
ncurses - The ncurses (new curses) library5.4base MIT
nd - Tiny little command line WebDAV interface0.8.2network LGPL
ndiswrapper - NDIS wrapper for Linux1.21network GPL
ne - A nice console text editor1.42editors GPL
nedit - Advanced multi-language programmers' text editor5.5attic GPL
neon - A HTTP and WebDAV client library0.25.5network GPL
nessus - A security scanner2.2.7network GPL
net-snmp - NET-SNMP (UCD-SNMP) OpenSource
net-tools - Configuration tools for Linux networking1.60network GPL
netboot - tools to make images to boot from network0.10network GPL
netcat - A network piping program0.7.1network GPL
nethack - A single player dungeon exploration game3.4.3games OpenSource
netkit-base - Netkit-base for Linux0.17network OpenSource
netkit-ftp - Netkit-ftp for Linux0.17network OpenSource
netkit-ntalk - Netkit-ntalk for Linux0.17network OpenSource
netkit-routed - Netkit-routed for Linux0.17network OpenSource
netkit-rsh - Netkit-rsh for Linux0.17network OpenSource
netkit-telnet - Netkit-telnet for Linux0.17network OpenSource
netpbm - Collection of primitive graphics tools (converters, etc)10.33graphic OpenSource
netperf - Performance measurement of many different types of networking2.4.1network Free-to-use
netspeed_applet - A GNOME applet that shows network traffic for a specified device0.13gnome2 GPL
neutral - An neutral but modern X11 Xcursor theme1.13athemes Artistic
newt - Redhat's Newt windowing toolkit0.51.6develop GPL
nextaw - A replacement library for the Athena (libXaw) widget set0.15.1x11 GPL
nexuiz - A 3d open source deathmatch game121games GPL
nfs-utils - Linux NFS client and server utilities1.0.10filesystem GPL
nginx - a high perfomance http and reverse proxy server0.3.48network GPL
ngrep - A grep for network traffic1.44-1network GPL
nip2 - Nip2 is a GTK frontend for VIPS, an image processing library/suite7.10.19graphic GPL
nload - Network traffic visualizer0.6.0network GPL
nmap - Advanced network audit tool/portscanner4.03security GPL
noad - noad - no advertising!0.6.0multimedia GPL
noia-icons-gnome - The NOIA Icon theme for GNOME1.0themes LGPL
noia-icons-kde - The NOIA Icon theme for KDE1.00themes LGPL
normalize - An audio file volume normalizer0.7.6audio GPL
normalmap - GIMP normalmap plugin1.2graphic GPL
noteedit - A Musical Score Editor2.8.0audio GPL
nrg2iso - a NRG to ISO converter0.4filesystem OpenSource
nss_ldap - LDAP Nameservice Switch (NSS) module248network LGPL
nssdb - The Berkeley DB NSS (name service switch) module2.2.3pre1base GPL
ntfsprogs - NTFS filesystem libraries and utilities1.13.1filesystem GPL
ntop - A network traffic probe that shows the network usage3.2network GPL
ntp - Network Time Protocol utilities4.2.2network OpenSource
nudelstats - An irssi log beautifier0.5network GPL
nullmailer - Simple relay-only mail transport agent1.02mail GPL
numactl - A numactl implements simple NUMA policy support0.9.8base GPL
numpy - Numerical Python24.2develop Free-to-use
nvi - The vi (nvi) editor1.79editors BSD
nvidia - Nvidia Linux driver1.0-8776x11 Free-to-use
nvidia-legacy - Nvidia Linux driver1.0-7676x11 Free-to-use
nvrec - High performance audio/video capture engine20041227multimedia GPL
nvu - A complete Web authoring system1.0www MPL
nxcomp - A library for X11 compression1.5.0-65x11 GPL
nxproxy - A X11 proxy with extensive compression support1.5.0-9x11 GPL
oaf10 - The GNOMEs Object Activation Framework0.6.10gnome14 GPL
obexftp - An application for file copying over the OBEX protocol0.10.6network GPL
ocaml - Objective Caml is the latest implementation of the Caml dialect of ML3.08.4develop LGPL
oclock - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
ocrad - The GNU OCR0.15graphic GPL
ocs - Opal Compiler Suite2.3jdevelop OpenSource
octave - High-level language based on LAPACK Fortran libraries2.9.6scientific GPL
octave-forge - Extensions to GNU Octave2006.07.10scientific GPL
ogle - An open source DVD player0.9.2multimedia GPL
ogmtools - Tools for OGG media streams1.5audio OpenSource
ogre3d - A realtime 3d engine1.0-6graphic LGPL
ooo - OpenOffice.org Office Suite2.0.1.1office OpenSource
opal - Open Phone Abstraction Layer2.2.8network MPL
openal - Open Audio Library0.0.8audio GPL
openbox - A standards compliant, fast, light-weight, extensible window manager3.2x11 GPL
opencdk - Open Crypto Development Kit0.5.8security OpenSource
openct - A framework for smart card readers0.6.7security BSD
openexr - A high dynamic-range (HDR) image file format1.2.2graphic BSD
openglad - A Linux Port of Gladiator0.98games GPL
opengroupware - Open source groupware server for SOPE1.0beta.2-rockoffice LGPL
openh323 - The Open H.323 library1.18.0network MPL
openhbci - Client-side implementation of the HBCI specification0.9.18security GPL
openhbci2 - Client-side implementation of the HBCI specification1.9.4security GPL
openjade - A DSSSL implementation, an ISO standard for formatting SGML/XML documents1.3.2develop BSD
openldap - An open source implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol2.3.31network GPL
openlibraries - Cross-platform multimedia library0.3.0multimedia LGPL
openmotif - Open Motif implementation2.1.30-4attic OpenSource
openobex - Object Exchange (OBEX) protocol implementation1.0.1network GPL
opensc - A general SmartCard library and applications with PKCS #15 support0.11.1security GPL
openser - a fork of the SIP Express Router for open development1.0.1network GPL
openslp - Open implementation of the Service Location Protocol v2 (RFC 2608)1.3.0network BSD
openssh - An open re-implementation of the SSH package4.5p1security OpenSource
openssl - Open Source toolkit for Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security0.9.8esecurity OpenSource
openvpn - A VPN daemon2.0.7network GPL
oprofile - System-wide profiler for Linux systems0.9.1develop GPL
orbit10 - A high-performance CORBA ORB (object request broker)0.5.17gnome14 GPL
orbit2 - A high-performance CORBA ORB (object request broker)2.14.2gnome2 GPL
orbitcpp - C++ support for ORBit 21.3.9gnome2 LGPL
orsa - orbit reconstruction, simulation and analysis0.7.0scientific GPL
oxine - A purely OSD-based xine frontend0.5multimedia GPL
p0f - A passive OS fingerprinting tool2.0.6security GPL
p3nfs - tools for mounting a symbian phone over nfs5.18filesystem GPL
paintlib - Portable C++ class library for image loading, saving and manipulation2.6.2graphic OpenSource
palcal - A CLI calendar0.3.4office GPL
pam - Pluggable Authentication Modules for Linux0.99.2.1base GPL
pam_krb5 - A PAM module for authenticating against a Kerberos 5 server1.3-rc7security GPL
pam_ldap - LDAP Pluggable Authentication Module183network LGPL
pam_pkcs11 - A PAM library for authentication with PKCS#11 compliant tokens0.5.3security GPL
pamtester - A program for testing pluggable authentication modules (PAM) facility0.10security BSD
pan - A newsreader for GNOME0.99gnome2 GPL
pango - Library for layout and rendering of internationalized text1.12.3gnome2 GPL
panoramixproto - A modular X package1.1xorg OpenSource
pantomime - A set of Objective-C classes that model a mail system1.2.0pre1mail LGPL
paragui - A crossplatform widgetset1.0.4develop GPL
parted - GNU partition editor1.8.1filesystem GPL
partimage - Partition Image is an utility to save partitions into an image file.0.6.5_beta2archiver GPL
patch - Apply a diff file to an original2.5.4develop GPL
patchutils - A collection of tools that operate on patch files0.2.31develop GPL
pbbuttonsd - Program suite for laptop specific functions0.7.5powerpc GPL
pcb - A Printed Circuit Board Editor20060422cad GPL
pciutils - Linux PCI Utilities2.2.3base GPL
pclcomp - A modular X package0.99.2xorg OpenSource
pcmcia-cs - The Linux PCMCIA (PC-Card) Utilities3.2.8base OpenSource
pcmciautils - The (new) Linux PCMCIA (PC-Card) Utilities014base GPL
pcre - Perl Compatible Regulat Expressions6.6base OpenSource
pcsc-lite - Winscard api as used under Windows(R) for Linux1.3.1security GPL
pdfjam - A small set of utilities for simple operations on PDF files1.20textproc GPL
pdftk - A handy tool for manipulating PDF1.12graphic OpenSource
pdi2iso - a PDI to ISO converter0.1filesystem OpenSource
pdisk - A low-level Apple partition table editor for Linux0.8a2powerpc Free-to-use
pdksh - The Public domain Korn shell5.2.14shells OpenSource
pdnsd - A simple DNS proxy cache for small networks and dialin accounts1.2.4network GPL
pegasus - DMTF CIM/WBEM Manageability Services Broker2.3.2develop GPL
pekwm - A X11 Window Manager0.1.3x11 GPL
perl - Practical Extraction and Report Language5.8.8perl OpenSource
perl-appconfig - Perl module AppConfig1.56perl OpenSource
perl-archive-tar - perl module for manipulations of tar archives1.26perl OpenSource
perl-archive-zip - A Archive::Zip module for Perl1.14perl GPL
perl-asterisk - Asterisk Perl Modules0.08perl OpenSource
perl-authen-sasl - SASL Authentication framework for Perl2.10perl OpenSource
perl-bit-vector - Perl module Bit-Vector6.4perl OpenSource
perl-carp-clan - Perl module Carp-Clan5.3perl GPL
perl-cgi-ajax - Perl module CGI-Ajax0.684perl OpenSource
perl-class-accessor - Perl module Class-Accessor0.22perl OpenSource
perl-class-data-inheritable - Perl module - Inheritable, overridable class data0.04perl OpenSource
perl-compress-zlib - A Compress::Zlib module for Perl1.35perl OpenSource
perl-convert-asn1 - Encodes and decodes ASN.1 data structures using BER/DER rules0.19perl OpenSource
perl-crypt-des - Perl DES encryption module2.03perl OpenSource
perl-date-calc - Perl module Date-Calc5.4perl OpenSource
perl-dbd-mysql - The MySQL Perl (DBI/DBD) Driver2.9006perl LGPL
perl-dbd-postgresql - The PostgresSQL Perl (DBI/DBD) Driver1.32perl GPL
perl-dbi - The Perl DBI Driver for accessing SQL Databases1.48perl LGPL
perl-devel-stacktrace - Perl module - Stack trace and stack trace frame objects1.12perl OpenSource
perl-digest-hmacmd5 - A perl module for HMAC MD51.01perl OpenSource
perl-digest-md5 - A module for MD51.8perl OpenSource
perl-digest-nilsimsa - Perl version of Nilsimsa code0.06perl GPL
perl-digest-sha1 - A module for SHA12.10perl OpenSource
perl-error - Perl module Error0.15perl OpenSource
perl-exception-class - Perl module Exception-Class1.23perl OpenSource
perl-extutils-depends - Easily build XS extensions that depend on XS extensions0.205perl OpenSource
perl-extutils-pkgconfig - A super-simplistic front-end to pkg-config for Makefile.PLs1.07perl OpenSource
perl-finance-quote - Perl module Finance::Quote1.08perl GPL
perl-gd - Perl interface for the gd graphics library2.28perl OpenSource
perl-gd-graph - Graph Plotting Module for Perl 5.1.43perl OpenSource
perl-gd-graph3d - Perl module GD-Graph3d0.63perl OpenSource
perl-gd-text - A font-independent way of dealing with text in GD.0.86perl OpenSource
perl-getopt-mixed - Perl module Getopt::Mixed1.008perl GPL
perl-gettext - Perl module for internationalization1.05perl GPL
perl-glib - Perl wrappers for the GLib utility and Object libraries1.120perl OpenSource
perl-gtk2 - Perl interface to the 2.x series of the Gimp Toolkit library1.100perl OpenSource
perl-html-parser - A HTML::Parser module from CPAN3.51perl GPL
perl-html-tagset - Perl module HTML-Tagset3.10perl OpenSource
perl-html-template - Perl module to use HTML Templates from CGI scripts2.7perl OpenSource
perl-image-info - Perl module Image-Info1.17perl GPL
perl-image-size - reads the dimensions of an image in several popular formats2.992perl OpenSource
perl-io-socket-ssl - Nearly transparent SSL encapsulation for IO::Socket::INET0.97perl OpenSource
perl-io-stringy - I/O on in-core objects like strings and arrays2.110perl OpenSource
perl-io-zlib - IO:: style interface to Compress::Zlib1.04perl OpenSource
perl-latexml - Perl module LaTeXML0.5.0perl Free-to-use
perl-libintl - An internationalization library for Perl1.14perl LGPL
perl-libwww - Perl module for accesing the web5.805perl OpenSource
perl-libxml - Perl module that implements DOM Level 2 API1.58perl GPL
perl-mail-box - Powerful methods to handle e-mail in Perl2.065perl OpenSource
perl-mail-sender - Perl module for sending mails with attachments0.8.10mail OpenSource
perl-mail-sendmail - A module for platform independent mail0.79perl OpenSource
perl-mailtools - A set of perl modules related to mail applications1.74perl OpenSource
perl-mime-base64 - Encoding and decoding of quoted-printable strings1.00perl OpenSource
perl-mime-types - Data-structure to keep knowledge about various MIME types1.16perl OpenSource
perl-mp3-info - Perl module MP3::Info1.20perl GPL
perl-net-dns - A DNS resolver module0.48perl OpenSource
perl-net-ipv4addr - Perl module for manipulating IPv4 addresses.0.1perl OpenSource
perl-net-ipv6addr - Perl module for checking validity of IPv6 addresses0.2perl OpenSource
perl-net-ldap - Implements a LDAP services API for Perl0.33perl OpenSource
perl-net-mysql - Pure Perl MySQL network protocol interface0.09perl OpenSource
perl-net-snmp - Perl module Net::SNMP5.2.0perl GPL
perl-net-ssleay - Perl extension for using OpenSSL1.30perl Free-to-use
perl-net-telnet - Perl library to make client connections to a TCP ports3.03perl OpenSource
perl-netaddr-ip - Perl module for managing IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and subnets3.028perl OpenSource
perl-openssl - Perl interface to OpenSSL0.09perl OpenSource
perl-parse-recdescent - Perl module Parse-RecDescent1.94perl OpenSource
perl-pod-pom - Perl module Pod-POM0.17perl OpenSource
perl-template-toolkit - Perl module Template-Toolkit2.14perl OpenSource
perl-term-readkey - Perl module for simple terminal control2.30perl OpenSource
perl-term-readline-gnu - A Perl extension for the GNU Readline/History Library1.16perl OpenSource
perl-test-manifest - Perl module Test-Manifest1.14perl OpenSource
perl-text-autoformat - Perl module Text-Autoformat1.13perl OpenSource
perl-text-reform - Perl module Text-Reform1.11perl OpenSource
perl-tie-dbi - Perl module Tie-DBI1.01perl OpenSource
perl-unicode - Perl module Unicode::String2.09perl GPL
perl-uri - Perl URI module1.35perl OpenSource
perl-user-identity - A Perl module that maintains info about a physical person0.90perl OpenSource
perl-xml-checker - Perl module for validating XML0.13perl OpenSource
perl-xml-dom - Perl module XML-DOM1.44perl OpenSource
perl-xml-libxml-xpathcontext - Perl module XML-LibXML-XPathContext0.07perl OpenSource
perl-xml-libxslt - Perl module XML-LibXSLT1.58perl OpenSource
perl-xml-parser - Perl module XML::Parser2.34perl GPL
perl-xml-regexp - Perl module XML-RegExp0.03perl OpenSource
perl-xml-rss - Perl module XML-RSS1.0.5perl OpenSource
perl-xml-simple - Perl module XML::Simple2.14perl GPL
perl-xml-xpath - Perl module XML-XPath1.13perl OpenSource
perltidy - A Perl script beautifier20031021perl GPL
pgadmin3 - A WXWindows-based PostgreSQL administration utility1.4.2database Artistic
php - Scripting language especially suited for Web development5.1.6develop OpenSource
phpagi - A PHP class for writing Asterisk AGI scripts2.14develop GPL
phpldapadmin - Web-based LDAP administration tool0.9.7.1network GPL
phppgadmin - A PHP-based PostgreSQL administration utility4.0.1database GPL
physfs - A library to provide abstract access to various archives1.0.1filesystem OpenSource
pida - Python Integrated Development Application0.3.1editors GPL
pidentd - An RFC1413 identification server3.0.19security OpenSource
pil - Imaging handling/processing for Python1.1.5python BSD
pilot-link - A suite of tools for connecting to PalmOS handheld devices0.11.8network GPL
pine - A mail/news client and related programs4.64mail Free-to-use
pinentry - An Interfaces to enter Passphrases0.7.2security GPL
pinfo - A ncurses based lynx style info documentation browser0.6.8base GPL
pingus - A free Lemmings[tm] clone0.6.0games GPL
pixie - A Renderman(tm) like photorealistic renderer1.6.3graphic GPL
pixieplus - A free and fast image browser, viewer, and editor for KDE0.6.0-CVSgraphic BSD
pkgconfig - A library configuration management system0.19base GPL
pkgview - Gnome interface to pkgconfig1.0.6gnome2 GPL
placelesstranslationservice - PlacelessTranslationService is a ZopeProduct to help you translate your zope sites.1.2-rc3zope GPL
planner - A project management application (Gnome frontend)0.13gnome2 GPL
plib - A Suite of Portable Game Libraries1.8.4games GPL
plone - Plone Content Management System2.1-rc3zope OpenSource
plonearticle - A Plone content type to store ellaborated content3.18zope OpenSource
plonecollectorng - A Plone-based bugtracking solution and framework1.2.7zope OpenSource
ploneexfile - A Plone/AT content type with an attachment3.01zope OpenSource
ploneextendednavigation - Plone Product for managing dynamic navigation slots0.5zope OpenSource
ploneicalendar - PloneiCalendar handles calendar files in Plone1.0zope OpenSource
plonelanguagetool - PloneLanguageTool allows you to set the available languages in your Plone site.0.5zope OpenSource
plonenewsletter - PloneNewsLetter sends newsletters based on new Plone content2.0zope OpenSource
plonepopoll - A Plone poll tool2.3zope OpenSource
plonersssearch - PloneRSSSearch allows searching external Plone sites1.1zope OpenSource
plonesitemap - A Plone product that generates a site map for your website.2.4zope OpenSource
ploticus - Data display engine233graphic GPL
plptools - Psion Link Protocol library and tools0.18network GPL
pmount - Mount removable devices as normal user0.9.11base GPL
pmud - System daemon for power-management on PowerPC systems0.10.1powerpc GPL
polgen - MITRE policy generation tool1.2-fc4selinux GPL
policy - SELinux policy configurations1.28selinux GPL
policycoreutils - SELinux policy core utilities1.28selinux GPL
poppler - PDF rendering library based on xpdf0.4.5graphic GPL
popt - A command-line option parsing library1.7base OpenSource
portmap - RPC portmapper4network OpenSource
postfix - It is an alternative to the widely-used Sendmail program2.3.3mail OpenSource
postgresql - A Database Management System8.2.4database OpenSource
postgresql-autodoc - Utility to autodocument PostgreSQL databases1.24database OpenSource
potrace - Transforms bitmaps into vector graphics1.7graphic GPL
pound - Pound - Reverse-Proxy and Loadbalancer2.1network OpenSource
povray - A free raytracer3.6.1graphic OpenSource
powermanga - 2D shooting game0.79games GPL
powerpc-utils - PowerPC specific utilities1.1.3-15powerpc GPL
ppp - The PPP user level programs2.4.4network OpenSource
ppracer - PlanetPenguin Racer (Tuxracer fork)0.3.1games GPL
pptp-linux - Linux PPTP Client1.5.0network OpenSource
prelink - Prelinking object files for faster application startup20050610base GPL
prelude-lml - Prelude Sensor for analyzing logs and collecting Syslog events0.9.5security OpenSource
prelude-manager - Collects and normalize events from Prelude sensors0.9.4.1security OpenSource
prewikka - Prelude Management Console0.9.5security OpenSource
printproto - Print extension headers1.0.3xorg OpenSource
privoxy - Privoxy is a web proxy based on Internet Junkbuster (tm)3.0.3network OpenSource
prngd - A daemon designed to act as an entropy source0.9.29base OpenSource
procinfo - Procinfo, lsdev and socklist18base GPL
procmail - A mail processing program3.22mail GPL
procps - Utilities for monitoring your system and processes on your system3.2.6base GPL
projectcenter - ProjectCenter is GNUstep IDE0.4.3gnustep LGPL
proxymngr - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
prozilla - A download accelerator for Linux2.0.4network GPL
psi - A client for the Jabber network0.10network GPL
psmisc - Little utilities that use the proc FS22.2base OpenSource
pspresent - Display full-screen PostScript presentations1.3graphic GPL
pstoedit - Converts Postscript(TM) and PDF files to other vector formats3.44graphic GPL
psutils - PostScript Utilitiesp17graphic OpenSource
psyco - The Python specializing compiler1.5.1python OpenSource
psycopg - Python/PostgreSQL database adapter1.1.17python GPL
pureftpd - A secure FTP daemon1.0.21network OpenSource
pv - A pipeline data transfer meter0.9.6network OpenSource
pwdutils - Utilities to manage/change user passwd information3.0.7base GPL
pwgen - Pronounceable password generator2.05security GPL
pwlib - A portable application development class library1.10.7develop MPL
py-mx - eGenix.com mx Extensions - BASE Package2.0.6python OpenSource
py-smbpasswd - Samba password module for Python1.0.1python GPL
pybliographer - A tool for bibliographic database manipulation1.2.8gnome2 GPL
pycrypto - A cryptographic toolkit for Python2.0.1python OpenSource
pydns - A DNS module for Python2.3.0python OpenSource
pygobject - The Python bindings for GObject2.10.1gnome2 LGPL
pygtk - The Python bindings for the Gtk+2.8.6gnome2 LGPL
pynumarray - Numerical Python1.5.0develop OpenSource
pyopengl - OpenGL bindings for Python BSD
pyorbit - Python/ORBit (CORBA) Bindings2.0.1gnome2 GPL
pypanel - A lightweight panel/taskbar for X11 window managers0.9x11 GPL
pyqt - Python bindings for the Qt toolkit3.16python GPL
pyrexc - A language for writing Python extension modules0.9.4.1python GPL
pyslsk - A SoulSeek filesharing client1.2.5python GPL
pysqlite - Python DB-API 2.0 Compliant Interface Module for SQLite.1.1.7python OpenSource
pysqlite2 - Python DB-API 2.0 Compliant Interface Module for SQLite2.2.2python OpenSource
pytables - HDF5 interface for Python1.3.2develop Free-to-use
python - The Python programming language2.4.3python OpenSource
python-ldap - LDAP API for Python2.2.0python OpenSource
python-xlib - The Python X Library0.12adevelop GPL
pyweblib - A web programming framework for Python1.3.4python GPL
pyxml - A collection of libraries to process XML with Python0.8.4python OpenSource
pyzor - A spam detection and filtering network0.4.0mail GPL
qbankmanager - Qt based multibank-capable homebanking program using AqBanking0.9.37office GPL
qcad - A Qt based 2D CAD application2.0.5.0-1cad GPL
qdvdauthor - GUI frontend for dvdauthor and other related tools0.1.0multimedia GPL
qemu - A FAST! processor emulator0.9.0emulators GPL
qingy - Qingy is not getty0.6.0graphic GPL
qiv - Quick Image Viewer2.0graphic GPL
qjackctl - A simple Qt application to control the JACK sound server daemon0.2.20audio GPL
qmail - A secure, reliable, efficient, simple message transfer agent1.03mail Restricted
qmail-autoresponder - Rate-limited autoresponder for qmail0.96.2mail GPL
qmail-scanner - Content Scanner for Qmail1.25st-20050406mail GPL
qmatplot - A gnuplot-like plotting tool with Qt frontend0.4.2scientific GPL
qmqtool - qmail queue manipulation program1.11mail Artistic
qscanq - Virus Scanning for Qmail0.43mail OpenSource
qt - A portable widget library3.3.7kde GPL
qt-qca - A Qt Cryptographic Architecture (QCA)1.0security LGPL
qt-qca-tls - A Qt Cryptographic Architecture plugin for SSL/TLS capability1.0security LGPL
qtcurve - A KDE theme engine based on RedHat's BlueCurve0.22themes GPL
qtparted - A Partition Magic clone0.4.4filesystem GPL
quagga - TCP/IP Routing Software Suite0.99.5network GPL
quake2 - A popular First Person Shooter by ID-Games0.2.1games GPL
quick-lounge-applet - A GNOME quick-lounge-applet2.12.1gnome2 GPL
quik - Disk bootstrap and installer for Linux/PPC2.0epowerpc GPL
quota - Userlevel tools for Linux diskquotas3.12base GPL
r - Project for Statistical Computing2.3.1scientific GPL
radiusclient-ng - RADIUS /bin/login replacement0.5.2network OpenSource
raidtools - The user-level utils for setting up software RAIDs under Linux1.00.3base GPL
randrproto - Randr extension headers1.1.2xorg OpenSource
rapidsvn - Multi-platform GUI front-end for the Subversion revision system0.9.1develop GPL
raptor - A RDF parser library in C1.4.5textproc LGPL
rat - library for simplifying common tasks of PyGtk and gnome-python0.1python MIT
razor - A spam detection and filtering network2.67mail GPL
rc - The Plan 9 Shell1.7.1shells GPL
rcs - Revision Control System5.7base GPL
rdesktop - A Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client1.4.1network GPL
readline - A command line parsing library5.1base GPL
recode - A library to convert between character sets and usages3.6base GPL
recordproto - Record extension headers1.13.2xorg OpenSource
redet - Regular expression development8.10develop GPL
refocusit - Refocusing plugin for GIMP2.0graphic GPL
regexxer - A nifty GUI search/replace tool using Perl regexps0.8gnome2 GPL
reiser4progs - Filesystem utilities for Reiser41.0.5filesystem GPL
reiserfsprogs - Filesystem utilities for ReiserFS3.6.19filesystem GPL
renderproto - Render extension headers0.9.2xorg OpenSource
rep-gtk - A binding of the GTK+ and GDK libraries for the librep Lisp environment0.18gnome2 GPL
rep-gtk01 - Using librep (lisp) with GTK/GDK0.15gnome14 GPL
resourceproto - Resource extension headers1.0.2xorg OpenSource
rezound - A sound wave editor0.12.2betaaudio GPL
rfc - Request for Comments - The Internet Standards and more0000base Unknown
rgb - X.org RGB database and applications1.0.1xorg OpenSource
rhythmbox - A music player for GNOME0.9.4.1gnome2 GPL
ripmime - MIME file extractor1.4.0.5mail BSD
ripperx - Yet another CD ripping application2.6.7multimedia GPL
rivatv - Driver set for nVidia based graphics card with video-in feature0.8.6x11 GPL
rmagick - An interface to the ImageMagick image processing libraries1.10.1ruby OpenSource
rman - A manual page translator to HTML, ASCII, TkMan, DocBook, ..3.2develop Artistic
rng-tools - Random Number Generator Deamon for i810 boards2base GPL
rocknet - Network configuration2005-06-24network GPL
rocksndiamonds - A Boulderdash clone3.1.2games GPL
root - An Object-Oriented Data Analysis Framework5.11.06scientific Free-to-use
roundup - A simple-to-use and -install issue-tracking system1.1.2develop OpenSource
rox-filer - Drag-and-drop based filemanager2.4.1x11 GPL
rpm - The RedHat Package Manager4.1archiver GPL
rrdtool - Round Robin Database and graph generation1.2.13contrib GPL
rsbac - Rule Set Based Access Control for Linux1.2.6security GPL
rss_glx - Really Slick Screensavers Port to GLX0.8.1x11 GPL
rssh - Restricted ssh2.3.2security GPL
rstart - A sample implementation of a Remote Start client1.0.2xorg OpenSource
rsync - A replacement for rcp that has many more features2.6.8network GPL
rsynth - A mini-text-to-speech system2.0text2speech OpenSource
rt2500 - RT2500 wireless network driver1.1.0-b4network GPL
rt2570 - RT2570 wireless network driver1.1.0-b2network GPL
rtai - Realtime Linux Application Interface for Linux3.2contrib GPL
rte - The Zapzilla rte library0.5.6multimedia GPL
rtorrent - A BitTorrent client written in C++0.5.3network GPL
rubiclox - Ultra Power Rubick's Clock Max II2.0.0games GPL
ruby - The Ruby programming language1.8.5-p12ruby GPL
ruby-postgres - The ruby postgresql extension0.7.1ruby GPL
rubygems - A package management framework for the Ruby programming language0.8.11ruby OpenSource
runit - An UNIX init scheme with service supervision1.3.1base OpenSource
runit-logacct - runit companion for user related tasks0.0contrib GPL
runit-shutdown - runit companion for process related tasks0.2contrib GPL
rxvt - Lightweight Xterm replacement2.7.10x11 GPL
rxvt-unicode - An unicode improved version of rxvt7.7x11 GPL
rzip - An precompressor using bzip2 as backend2.1archiver GPL
sablot - XSLT, DOM and XPath processor1.0.2textproc GPL
sam - System Administration Manager0.0-develbase GPL
samba - The free SMB / CIFS fileserver and client3.0.25bnetwork GPL
samhain - A file integrity checker and host-based intrusion detection2.2.0security OpenSource
sancp - A network connection profiler1.6.1bnetwork OpenSource
sane-backends - The Scanner Access Now Easy backends1.0.18graphic GPL
sane-frontends - The Scanner Access Now Easy example frontends1.0.14graphic GPL
sash - A stand-alone shell with many built-in commands3.7shells OpenSource
sawfish - An extensible window manager1.3gnome2 GPL
scanlogd - Check if you are portscanned2.2.6security GPL
schedutils - Linux scheduler utilities1.4.0base GPL
scientificpy - Scientific Python2.4.9develop GPL
scilab - Free Scientific Software Package4.0scientific GPL
scmxx - Console Tool for Siemens Mobile Phones0.9.0network GPL
scons - A make-like program0.96.92develop OpenSource
scponly - A user shell for restricting remote access to scp and sftp4.6shells BSD
screen - Screen manager with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation4.0.3base GPL
scribus - DTP ala QuarkXPress etal1.3.3.6graphic GPL
scripts - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
scrnsaverproto - ScrnSaver extension headers1.0.2xorg OpenSource
scrollkeeper - A Documentation Cataloging System0.3.14gnome2 LGPL
scummvm - A 'virtual machine' for several classic adventure games0.8.2games GPL
sdparm - Get/set hard disk parameters for SCSI discs0.99base BSD
seahorse - A Gnome GUI for GnuPG0.9.1gnome2 GPL
seamonkey - The most full-featured and standard compliant web browser1.0.7www MPL
secpanel - A graphical user interface for managing and running SSH0.4.2x11 GPL
sed - This is the GNU implementation of the POSIX stream editor4.1.4base GPL
selinux-doc - SELinux documentation1.24selinux GPL
sendmail - Electronic mail transport agent8.13.8mail OpenSource
senken - A city simulation0.3.0games GPL
ser - SIP Express Router is a high-performance, configurable SIP server0.9.4network GPL
ser2net - A proxy that allows telnet/tcp connections to serial ports on a machine2.3network GPL
serpnp - Serial / COM PnP detection0.0.2base GPL
setarch - Change reported architecture and set personality flags2.0base GPL
setools - SELinux Tools2.2selinux GPL
setserial - Utility for doing run-time configuration of the serial driver2.17base GPL
setuptools - a collection of enhancements to the Python distutils0.6a10python OpenSource
setxkbmap - Sets the keyboard using the X Keyboard Extension1.0.2xorg OpenSource
sge - SUN Grid Engine5.3p3network OpenSource
shadow - Utils for managing users and (shadow) passwords4.0.14base BSD
shared-mime-info - The freedesktop.org shared MIME database0.16x11 GPL
sharpconstruct - SharpConstruct is a 3D modelling program for real-time sculpting0.11graphic GPL
sharutils - This is the set of GNU shar utilities4.2.1base GPL
shorewall - An iptables-based firewall for Linux systems3.0.4security GPL
showfont - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
siag - A Free Office Package for Unix3.6.0office GPL
siefs - A user-space filesystem for Siemens mobile phones0.5filesystem GPL
silc-client - A secure chat SILC protocol client1.0.1network GPL
silo - Generic boot loader for Linux on SPARC Computers1.4.13sparc GPL
silvercity - SilverCity is a lexing package, based on Scintilla0.9.6python OpenSource
simgear - Library for quickly assembling 3d simulations, games, and visualization applications0.3.10games GPL
simh - A highly portable, multi-system simulator33-1emulators OpenSource
simutrans - An Economy and Transport Simulation Game0_84_21_2games GPL
sip - Tool to create Python bindings for C and C++4.4.3python OpenSource
sipsak - A command line test tool for SIP servers and applications0.9.6network GPL
sjog - Nice configurable jogdial menu with brightness and volume control for X0.6x86 GPL
skencil - A vector drawing program implemented in Python0.6.17graphic GPL
slang - The S-Lang embedded interpreted language1.4.9base OpenSource
slat - Security-Enhanced Linux Analysis Tools2.0selinux GPL
slidentd - A secure and lightweight ident (RFC1413) daemon for Linux1.0.0network GPL
slmodem - Driver for SmartLink modems2.9.11-20051101network OpenSource
sloccount - Source Lines of Code (SLOC) Counter2.26develop GPL
slrn - A console news reader0.9.8.1news OpenSource
small - A simple, typeless, 32-bit extension language with a C-like syntax273develop OpenSource
smartmontools - Control and monitor storage systems using the S.M.A.R.T system5.33base GPL
smb4k - A SMB/CIFS share browser for KDE0.6.10kde GPL
smbc - Samba Commander1.2.2network GPL
smbldap-tools - Scripts to manage Samba users on LDAP0.9.2network OpenSource
smpeg - A MPEG-1 and MP3 playback library2003-05-09multimedia LGPL
smproxy - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
sn9c102 - SN9C10x PC Camera Controllers1.26multimedia LGPL
snd-aoa - New Apple ALSA sound driver20060518apowerpc GPL
snmpsession - SNMP_Session1.00perl OpenSource
snort - An open source network intrusion detection system2.7.0security GPL
snownews - Text-Mode RSS Newsreader for Linux and Unix1.5.1network GPL
socat - "netcat++" (extended design, new implementation) OpenSource
socket - Program to access TCP sockets at shell level1.2p1network BSD
socklog - System and kernel logging services2.0.2base GPL
softdog - Software watchdog timer1.21base GPL
sonypid - Utility for vaio computers, that makes the jogdial availible in X1.9.1x86 GPL
sope - SKYRiX (SOPE) Application Server4.4.0gnustep LGPL
sound-juicer - CD ripping tool2.14.5gnome2 GPL
soundmodem - Allows a standard PC soundcard to be used as a packet radio "modem"0.10network GPL
soundtracker - A music tracking tool0.6.8audio GPL
soup - A SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) implementation in C0.7.11gnome14 GPL LGPL
sox - Sound eXchange12.18.1audio LGPL
spacearyarya - A shooting game1.0.2games GPL
spamassassin - A mail filter to identify spam3.2.1mail APL
sparc-utils - PowerPC specific utilits1.9-2sparc GPL
spectemu - ZX Spectrum emulator0.94emulators GPL
speex - A free Audio Codec optimized for speech1.1.12audio BSD
spheres-and-crystals - Spheres and Crystal theme0.7gnome2 Unknown
spicctrl - Sony vaio spic controller userland utility (regulate brightness, etc.)1.9x86 GPL
spice - An electrical circuit simulator3f5scientific Free-to-use
spiralsynthmodular - Spiral Synth Modular0.1.1audio GPL
splint - C Syntax Checker - a successor to lint3.1.1develop GPL
sqlite - An Embeddable SQL Database Engine3.4.1database GPL
sqlite2 - An Embeddable SQL Database Engine2.8.17database GPL
squaroid - A tactical board game0.60.3games GPL
squashfs-tools - A compressed read-only filesystem for Linux3.1-r2filesystem GPL
squid - Internet Object Cache2.6.STABLE14network GPL
squirrel - the squirrel programming language2_1_stabledevelop OpenSource
srm - Secure file deletion for POSIX systems1.2.8security MIT
sshfs - A filesystem client based on the SSH File Transfer Protocol1.6filesystem GPL
startup-notification - A startup notification library for GNOME0.8gnome2 LGPL
stella - A multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator2.2emulators GPL
stellarium - renders realistic skies in real time with openGL0.7.1graphic GPL
stlport - A superior implementation of the C++ Standard Template Library (STL)5.0.3develop OpenSource
stone - Setup Tool ONE2004-11-19base GPL
strace - Trace system calls and signals4.5.12base OpenSource
straw - A GNOME 2.0 desktop RSS aggregator0.26gnome2 GPL
streamripper - A shoutcast-compatible stream ripper1.61.26audio GPL
streamtuner - A GTK+ 2.0 stream directory browser0.12.5audio BSD
stress - stress test unix-like systems0.18.4base GPL
strongswan - An IPsec implementation for Linux2.7.0security GPL
stunnel - SSL encryption wrapper between client and server4.15network GPL
subversion - A compelling replacement for CVS1.3.2develop OpenSource
sudo - A system to execute programs as superuser1.6.8p12base BSD
sun-jdk-142 - java development kit1.4.2_12java Restricted
sun-jdk-150 - SUN Java Development Kit1.5.0_07java Restricted
sun-jdk-160 - SUN Java Development Kit6-betajava Restricted
sun-jre-142 - a java runtime environment1.4.2_12java Restricted
sun-jre-150 - SUN Java Runtime Environment1.5.0_07java Restricted
sun-jre-160 - SUN Java Runtime Environment6-betajava Restricted
sunbird - Mozilla's stand-alone calendar client0.2+x11 MPL
superkaramba - A tool for interactive eye-candy on your KDE desktop0.36kde GPL
supertux - classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game featuring Tux0.1.2games GPL
suspend - Some userland tools to suspend a Linux system2007-02-23base GPL
sweep - A sound wave editor0.9.1audio GPL
swftools - A collection of SWF manipulation and creation utilities0.7.0multimedia GPL
swi-prolog - A Prolog System5.6.9develop GPL
swig - Toolkit for connecting C and C++ programs with script languages1.3.29develop GPL
sword - Research and manipulation API for Biblical texts1.5.8religion GPL
sylpheed - A lightweight Gtk+ eMail client2.2.9mail GPL
sylpheed-claws - An leightweight -mail client and news reader2.3.1mail GPL
synaptics - A Synaptics Touchpad driver for X0.14.6x11 GPL
sysfiles - System files0000base GPL
sysfsutils - SysFS utilities2.0.0filesystem GPL
sysklogd - Linux system logging utilities1.4.1base GPL
syslinux - Linux bootloader collection3.11x86 GPL
syslog-ng - A syslogd replacement with enhanced, flexible configuration scheme1.9.5+20050913base OpenSource
sysstat - The sar and iostat commands for Linux6.0.2base GPL
sysvinit - This is the Linux System V init2.86base GPL
t1lib - A Type1 font rasterizer library5.1.0graphic GPL
t2-debug - The ROCK Linux Internal Debug Package0000base GPL
t2-src - The SDE's source code0000base GPL
taglib - Audio Meta-Data Library1.4audio LGPL
taper - Tape backup and restore program with a friendly user interface6.9barchiver GPL
tar - The GNU Tape ARchiver program1.15.1archiver GPL
tcl - The Tcl scripting language8.4.13base OpenSource
tcp_wrappers - The TCP/IP daemon wrapper package7.6network OpenSource
tcpdump - A tool for network monitoring and data acquisition3.9.7network OpenSource
tcpflow - A TCP flow recorder0.21network GPL
tcptrace - A TCP connection analysis tool6.6.7network BSD
tcptraceroute - A traceroute implementation using TCP packets1.5beta7network GPL
tcsh - C shell with file name completion and command line editing6.14.00shells OpenSource
tdb - A trivial database1.0.6database GPL
tea - Powerful but extremely small text editor for GTK+213.3editors GPL
teatime - A GNOME tea timer applet2.6.0gnome2 GPL
termcap - Terminal capability database1.3.1base GPL
terminus-font - A clean fixed width console and X11 font4.16fonts GPL
termutils - The GNU terminal control utilities2.0base GPL
tetex - A LaTeX distribution3.0textproc OpenSource
tetradraw - Ansi ascii art editor2.0.2graphic GPL
tex-ttf - The TeX metafonts in TrueType form0.3fonts OpenSource
tex4ht - A LaTeX to HTML converterr1textproc OpenSource
texi2html - Texinfo to HTML Conversion Script1.76textproc GPL
texinfo - The texinfo documentation system4.7base GPL
texmacs - A structured "wysiwyg" technical text editor1.0.6editors GPL
text2pdf - a text file to PDF converter1.1textproc OpenSource
texturize - Texturize plugin for GIMP2.0graphic GPL
tftp-hpa - A portable tftp server and client0.41network OpenSource
thin-keramik - A KDE theme engine3.2.1themes GPL
thunar - a new modern file manager for Xfce0.2.0alpha-r19548xfce4 GPL
thunderbird - A full-featured graphical mail client1.5.0.12mail MPL
tidy - HTML validator and cleaner050826network OpenSource
tiff2png - TIFF to PNG convertion utility0.91graphic OpenSource
tightvnc - An enhanced VNC distribution1.3dev7x11 GPL
time - Measuring program resource use1.7base GPL
timidity++ - A software synthesizer2.13.2audio GPL
tk - The Tk toolkit8.4.13x11 OpenSource
tla - A modern replacemnt for CVS1.3.4develop GPL
tnef - A program for unpacking ms-tnef type MIME attachments1.4.1archiver GPL
tomcat - A Servlet Container5.5.7java APL
toppler - A jump and run game1.1.2agames GPL
tor - An anonymous Internet communication system0.1.2.16network BSD
torcs - A 3D racing cars simulator using OpenGL1.2.4games GPL
torsmo - Displays many system related stats0.18x11 BSD
totem - A simple movie player for the GNOME desktops1.4.4gnome2 GPL
towitoko - Unix driver for Towitoko smartcard readers2.0.7security GPL
tpb - ThinkPad Buttons0.6.4x86 GPL
trac - Trac bug and issue tracking system0.10.2develop OpenSource
traceroute - Print the route packets take to network host1.4a12network OpenSource
transcode - A video-stream processing tools1.0.1multimedia GPL
transconnect - Access to the internet through a HTTP proxy1.3-Betanetwork GPL
transfig - Tools for creating TeX documents with graphics3.2.4graphic OpenSource
transset - X transparency test application2005-04-01x11 OpenSource
trapproto - Trap extension headers3.4.3xorg OpenSource
tree - Tree-like list content of directories1.5.0base OpenSource
trickle - A portable lightweight userspace bandwidth shaper1.06network BSD
tsclient - Terminal server client for Windows Terminal Servers0.148network GPL
tse3 - A sequencer engine0.3.1audio GPL
tsocks - Transparent SOCKS Proxying Library1.8beta5network OpenSource
tunctl - Utility to create and manage persistent TUN/TAP interfaces1.4network GPL
tuxcursor - A XFree cursor theme with Tux0.4x11 OpenSource GPL
tuxkart - A kart racing game0.4.0games GPL
tvtime - High quality television for Linux1.0.2multimedia GPL
twm - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
twoftpd - Simple secure efficient FTP server1.20network GPL
txt2regex - RegEx Wizard0.8textproc GPL
typespeed - A typing speed tester0.5.1games GPL
ucl - A portable lossless data compression library1.03archiver GPL
uclibc - A C library for embedded Linux systems0.9.28base GPL
ucspi-unix - UNIX-domain socket client-server command-line tools0.36network GPL
udev - A Userspace Implementation for dynamic /dev nodes083filesystem GPL
udftools - Filesystem utilities for UDF1.0.0b3filesystem GPL
udhcp - Micro DHCP Server/Client Package0.9.x-9568network GPL
ufraw - A utility for converting and manipulating raw images from digital cameras0.8.1graphic GPL
ugrep - Barebone version of grep/egrep1.7base GPL
uisp - Atmel AVR In-System Programmer20050207develop GPL
umix - An advanced program for adjusting soundcard mixers1.0.2audio GPL
uml_utilities - Utilities for user-mode linux kernel20060216base GPL
uncrustify - A source code beautifier for C, C++, C#, D, and Java0.0.20develop GPL
unionfs - A Stackable Unification File System1.3filesystem GPL
unison - Bidirectional backup/sync tool2.13.16filesystem GPL
units - Unit conversion program1.85base GPL
unixodbc - The definitive standard for ODBC on non MS Windows platforms2.2.11database LGPL
unrar - Extract, test and view RAR archives3.7.3archiver Free-to-use
unreal-ircd - Internet Relay Chat Daemon3.2network GPL
unshield - A program to extract InstallShield cabinet files0.5archiver MIT
unzip - PKUNZIP compatible compression utility552archiver OpenSource
upn - Reverse polish notation expr like tool1.5scientific GPL
upx - Powerful executable packer1.25archiver GPL
urlview - A program for extracting URLs from text files0.9contrib GPL
usbutils - Linux USB Utilities0.11base GPL
util-linux - Miscellaneous system utilities for Linux2.12rbase GPL
util-macros - X.org autoconf utilities1.0.2xorg OpenSource
uucp - Unix to Unix copy1.07network GPL
uudeview - A powerful decoder for binary files0.5.20base GPL
valgrind - A memory debugger and profiler3.2.0develop GPL
validator - A syntax checker for HTML and XHTML documents1.3.4.12network OpenSource
valknut - Direct Connect Filesharing Client0.3.7network GPL
vamps - Fast MPEG requantiser for Linux0.9.5multimedia GPL
vazaar - A GNOME document organizer0.2.6agnome2 GPL
vblade - Export data via ATA over Ethernet10network GPL
vcdimager - Full-featured mastering suite for (Super) Video CDs0.7.23filesystem GPL
vdr - A powerful DVB TV application1.4.0.1multimedia GPL
venv - Lua Virtual Environment.1.1lua OpenSource
verbosesecurity - A product that reveals the reasons for denied security access in Zope0.6zope OpenSource
vice - Commodre emulator1.19emulators GPL
videoproto - A modular X package2.2.2xorg OpenSource
vidix - Video Interface for *niX0.9.9.1contrib GPL
viewres - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
viewvc - A Web-based Subversion and CVS repository browser1.0.0develop BSD
vim - VI Improved7.0editors OpenSource
vino - An integrated VNC server for GNOME2.13.5gnome2 GPL
vips - VIPS is an image processing suite designed for large images and colorimetry7.10.19graphic GPL
vlan - An implementation of the 802.1Q VLAN protocol for Linux1.9network GPL
vlc - VideoLAN Client - Media Player0.8.5multimedia GPL
vlock - Virtual console locker1.3base GPL
vls - VideoLAN Server0.5.6attic GPL
vmailmgr - Simple virtualizing for qmail0.97mail GPL
vmware - A virtual x86 PC5.5.1-19175emulators Commercial
vnc - Virtual Network Computing4_1_1x11 GPL
vnuml - Virtualization tool designed to test complex network simulation scenarios1.6.4-1network GPL
voiceone - Web based interface for the Asterisk PBX0_3_1network GPL
vorbis-tools - Lossless audio compression tools using the ogg-vorbis algorithms1.1.1audio GPL
vpnc - Client for Cisco VPN3000 Concentrator, IOS and PIX0.3.3security GPL
vserver - Virtual private servers and security contexts0.30.208security GPL
vserver-utils - An alternative userspace tools implementation for Linux-VServer1.0.2security OpenSource
vsftpd - A secure, extremely fast and stable FTP server2.0.4network GPL
vstserver - A VST Server0.3.1attic LGPL
vte - Virtual Terminal Emulator library0.12.2gnome2 LGPL
w32codec - The dlls needed by libavifile and mplayer20050412multimedia Commercial
w3m - WWW capable pager0.5.2www Free-to-use
waimea - A X11 window manager using Cairo for rendering0.5.1x11 GPL
wakkabox - A puzzle game1.1.0games GPL
wavemon - A ncurses-based monitoring application for wireless devices0.4.0bnetwork GPL
wdiff - The 'word diff'0.5base GPL
webalizer - A fast and free web server log file analysis program2.01-10network GPL
webcdwriter - A tool for network CD/DVD writing2.6.7www GPL
webmin - A web-based interface for system administration for Unix1.350network BSD
wesnoth - A turn-based fantasy strategy game1.0.2games GPL
wget - A non-interactive network retriever1.10.2network GPL
whois - RFC-812 database - Whois - database access4.7.13network GPL
windowmaker - The X11 windowmanager for the GNU-Step environment0.92.0x11 GPL
wine - Wine Is Not an Emulator Windows API implementation for Unix0.9.18emulators LGPL
wings3d - A subdivision modeler inspired by Nendo and Mirai from Izware0.98.32agraphic OpenSource
wipe - A tool that offers secure deletion of files from magnetic media2.2.0security GPL
wireless-tools - Configuration tools for Linux wireless networking28network GPL
wireshark - A network protocol analyzer0.99.6network GPL
wmacpi - A windowmanager dockapp that shows the battery status using acpi2.1x11 GPL
wmbatteries - A windowmanager dockapp that shows the battery status using acpi0.1.3x11 GPL
wmclockmon - A windowmanager dockapp that shows a nice digital clock0.8.1x11 GPL
wmcpuload - A windowmanager dockapp which monitors the CPU load1.0.1x11 GPL
wmctrl - command line tool to interact with Window Managers1.07x11 GPL
wmdiskmon - A windowmanager dockapp that monitors the disk usage0.0.2x11 GPL
wmint - A simple dockable Interrupts Monitor for Window Maker0.9x11 GPL
wmmemmon - A windowmanager dockapp which monitors the memory/swap usage1.0.1x11 GPL
wmnetload - A windowmanager dockapp which monitors network interfaces1.3x11 GPL
wmpal - A dockapp for the Window Maker window manager0.5x11 GPL
wmx - A window manager for X. It's based on wm26x11 GPL
workbone - A text-mode cd player2.4audio GPL
worker - A file manager for X-Window on UNIX2.10.2x11 GPL
wu-ftpd - An ftp server for Un*x systems2.6.2network OpenSource
wv2 - Microsoft Word file access library0.2.3office GPL
wvdial - An internet dialer1.54.0network LGPL
wvstreams - A C++ network communications layer for rapid application development4.2.2develop LGPL
wwwoffle - World Wide Web Offline Explorer2.8enetwork GPL
wxmaxima - wxWidgets GUI for Maxima0.6.5scientific GPL
wxpython - WxWindows bindings for Python2.6.3.3python LGPL
wxpython24 - WxWindows bindings for Python2.4.2.4attic LGPL
wxwidgets - A portable widget library2.6.3.3x11 LGPL
wxwidgets24 - A portable widget library2.4.2.4x11 LGPL
x11perf - A X11 performance test tool1.4.1xorg OpenSource
x11vnc - Virtual Network Computing0.8x11 GPL
x264 - A free H.264 codec20060222-2245multimedia GPL
x86info - Report x86 CPU details1.17x86 GPL
xanim - Multiformat animation/video/audio viewer for X2801multimedia Commercial
xaos - A real-time interactive fractal explorer3.2.1scientific GPL
xapian-core - Information retrieval library0.9.5develop GPL
xapian-omega - An extandable website search engine built upon Xapian.0.9.5develop GPL
xaralx - A vector drawing and manipulation program0.5r1243graphic GPL
xarchon - An Archon clone0.50games GPL
xauth - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xautolock - Automatically locks your X11 after a given time2.1x11 GPL
xaw3d - 3D Athena Widgets1.5x11 OpenSource
xawtv - X (athena widget set) TV (V4L) application3.95multimedia GPL
xbiff - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xbitmaps - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xblasttnt - XBlast TNT0.50games GPL
xboard - A GUI frontend to GNU chess4.2.7games GPL
xcalc - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xcdroast - A cdrecord GUI0.98alpha15filesystem GPL
xchat - X-Chat is a X11 (X Window System) IRC client, using the GTK+ toolkit2.6.6gnome2 GPL
xchm - A .chm viewer1.9graphic GPL
xclipboard - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xclock - An analog / digital clock for X1.0.2xorg OpenSource
xcmiscproto - XCMisc extension headers1.1.2xorg OpenSource
xcmsdb - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xcompmgr - X Composition Manager1.1.3x11 OpenSource
xconq - A general strategy game system7.4.1games GPL
xconsole - Monitor system console messages with X1.0.2xorg OpenSource
xcursor-themes - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xcursorgen - X cursor file generator1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xdaliclock - A digital clock for the X Window System2.23x11 OpenSource
xdbedizzy - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xdelta - Manages delta-compressed storage1.1.3archiver GPL
xdialog - A utility for creating X11 dialog boxes2.2.1x11 GPL
xditview - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xdm - A basic X display manager1.0.4xorg OpenSource
xdpyinfo - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xdu - A Disk Usage (DU) or other tree data display program3.0x11 OpenSource
xedit - A simple text editor for X1.0.2xorg OpenSource
xemacs - X11 version of Emacs21.4.18editors GPL
xemacs-beta - X11 (beta) version of Emacs21.5.27editors GPL
xemacs-packages - The XEmacs package collection2005-07-15editors Free-to-use
xen-tools - Tools for the Xen hypervisor3.0.2base GPL
xev - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xextproto - XExt extension headers7.0.2xorg OpenSource
xeyes - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-acecad - The Xorg driver for Acecad Flair devices1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-aiptek - The Xorg driver for Aiptek USB digital tablets1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-calcomp - The Xorg driver for Calcomp devices1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-citron - A Xorg input driver for Citron Infrared Touch devices2.1.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-digitaledge - The Xorg driver for digitaledge devices1.0.1.3xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-dmc - The Xorg driver for DMC FIT10 controller1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-dynapro - The Xorg driver for Dynapro1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-elo2300 - The Xorg driver for ELO 23001.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-elographics - The Xorg driver for Elographics touchscreen devices1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-evdev - Generic Xorg Linux input driver1.1.2xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-fpit - The Xorg driver for Fujitsu Stylistic tablet PCs1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-hyperpen - The Xorg driver for Hyperpens1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-jamstudio - The Xorg driver for Jamstudio graphic tablets1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-joystick - The Xorg driver for joysticks1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-keyboard - The Xorg driver for keyboards1.0.1.3xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-magellan - The Xorg driver for Magellan 3D input devices1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-magictouch - The Xorg driver for magictouch touchscreens1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-microtouch - The Xorg driver for microtouch devices1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-mouse - The Xorg mouse driver1.0.4xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-mutouch - The Xorg driver for microtouch devices1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-palmax - The Xorg driver for Palmax (TR88L803) touchscreen1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-penmount - The Xorg driver for penmount devices1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-sample - The Xorg a sample input driver1.0.0xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-spaceorb - The Xorg driver for Spaceorb devices1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-summa - The Xorg driver for Summagraphic tablet devices1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-tek4957 - The Xorg driver for Tektronix 4957 tablets1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-ur98 - The Xorg driver for the UR98 (TR88L803) head tracker1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-vmmouse - The Xorg driver for the VMWare virtual mouse12.3.2.0xorg OpenSource
xf86-input-void - The Xorg void input driver1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-apm - The Xorg Alliance ProMotion video driver1.0.1.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-ark - The Xorg Ark Logic video driver0.5.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-ati - The Xorg driver for ATi video chips6.6.0xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-chips - The Xorg Chips and Technologies video driver1.0.1.3xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-cirrus - The Xorg Cirrus Logic video driver1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-cyrix - The Xorg Cyrix video driver1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-dummy - The Xorg dummy video driver0.1.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-fbdev - The Xorg generic framebuffer video driver0.1.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-glint - The Xorg GLINT/Permedia video driver1.0.1.3xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-i128 - The Xorg Number Nine i128 video driver1.1.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-i740 - The Xorg Intel i740 video driver1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-i810 - The Xorg driver for Intel i810 video chips1.5.1.0xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-impact - X.org video driver for sgi Impact boardsR1xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-imstt - The Xorg Integrated Micro Solutions Twin Turbo video driver1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-mga - The Xorg Matrox video driver1.2.1.3xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-neomagic - The Xorg Neomagic video driver1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-newport - The Xorg sgi Indy newport video driver0.1.4.1xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-nsc - The Xorg driver for Geode integrated video chips2.8.1xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-nv - The Xorg driver for nVidia video chips1.1.2xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-rendition - The Xorg driver for Rendition/Micron based video cards4.0.1.3xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-s3 - The Xorg video driver for classic (non ViRGE) S3 chips0.3.5.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-s3virge - The Xorg driver for S3 ViRGE based video cards1.8.6.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-savage - The Xorg driver for S3 Savage family video accelerator chips2.0.2.3xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-siliconmotion - The Xorg Silicon Motion video driver1.3.1.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-sis - The Xorg SiS and XGI video driver0.8.1.3xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-sisusb - The Xorg SiS USB video driver0.7.1.3xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-sunbw2 - The Xorg driver for Sun BW2 video cards1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-suncg14 - The Xorg driver for Sun CG14 video cards1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-suncg3 - The Xorg driver for Sun CG3 video cards1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-suncg6 - The Xorg driver for Sun CG6 video cards1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-sunffb - The Xorg driver for Sun FFB video cards1.0.1.3xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-sunleo - The Xorg driver for Sun LEO video cards1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-suntcx - The Xorg driver for Sun TCX video cards1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-tdfx - The Xorg 3Dfx video driver1.1.1.3xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-tga - The Xorg driver for DEC TGA graphics adapters1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-trident - The Xorg Trident video driver1.0.1.2xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-tseng - The Xorg Tseng Labs video driver1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-vesa - The Xorg generic VESA video driver1.0.1.3xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-vga - The Xorg gneric VGA video driver4.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-via - The Xorg Via video driver0.1.33.2xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-vmware - The Xorg driver for VMWare Guest OS based video10.11.1.3xorg OpenSource
xf86-video-voodoo - The Xorg Voodoo 1 and Voodoo 2 series video driver1.0.0.5xorg OpenSource
xf86bigfontproto - XF86BigFont extension headers1.1.2xorg OpenSource
xf86dga - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xf86dgaproto - XF86DGA extension headers2.0.2xorg OpenSource
xf86driproto - XF86DRI extension headers2.0.3xorg OpenSource
xf86miscproto - XF86Misc extension headers0.9.2xorg OpenSource
xf86rushproto - XF86Rush extension headers1.1.2xorg OpenSource
xf86vidmodeproto - XF86VidMode extension headers2.2.2xorg OpenSource
xfcalendar - Time-managing application for the XFce desktop environment4.2.3xfce4 GPL
xfce-mcs-manager - Multi channel settings manager4.2.3xfce4 LGPL
xfce-mcs-plugins - Plugins for multi channel settings manager4.2.3xfce4 GPL
xfce-utils - Utilities for the XFce Desktop Environment4.2.3xfce4 GPL
xfce4-appfinder - Application finder for the XFce Desktop Environment4.2.3xfce4 GPL
xfce4-battery-plugin - Battery monitor panel plugin for Xfce40.3.0xfce4 BSD
xfce4-cpugraph-plugin - a very complete systemload plugin plugin for the Xfce panel0.2.2xfce4 GPL
xfce4-icon-theme - Icon Theme for the XFce Desktop Environment4.2.3xfce4 GPL
xfce4-iconbox - Icon box for the XFce4 Desktop Environment4.2.3xfce4 GPL
xfce4-minicmd-plugin - widget to execute programs from Xfce's panel0.3.0xfce4 GPL
xfce4-mixer - Volume control plugin for XFce 4 panel and a simple mixer4.2.3xfce4 BSD
xfce4-netload-plugin - Network interfaces load monitor plugin for Xfce40.3.3xfce4 BSD
xfce4-notes-plugin - a plugin for the Xfce panel to add sticky notes for your desktop0.11.1xfce4 GPL
xfce4-panel - Next generation panel for xfce4.2.3xfce4 GPL
xfce4-panelmenu - Menu plugin for the XFce4 panel0.3.1xfce4 GPL
xfce4-sensors-plugin - a hardware sensors plugin for the Xfce panel0.9.0xfce4 GPL
xfce4-session - Session manager for the XFce Desktop Environment4.2.3xfce4 GPL
xfce4-systemload-plugin - System load monitor panel plugin for Xfce40.3.6xfce4 BSD
xfce4-systray - Systray for the XFce4 Desktop Environment4.2.3xfce4 BSD
xfce4-taskbar-plugin - A taskbar plugin for the Xfce4 panel0.2.2xfce4 BSD
xfce4-taskmanager - task manager for the Xfce desktop0.3.1xfce4 GPL
xfce4-terminal - Modern terminal emulator primarly for Xfce0.2.4xfce4 GPL
xfce4-toys - Various tools for xfce44.2.3xfce4 GPL
xfce4-trigger-launcher - A two-state trigger-launcher4.2.3xfce4 BSD
xfce4-wavelan-plugin - Wireless lan interface monitor panel plugin for Xfce40.4.1xfce4 BSD
xfce4-weather-plugin - Weather condition panel plugin for Xfce40.4.9xfce4 BSD
xfce4-xkb-plugin - XFce4 XKB Layout Switch panel plugin0.3.2xfce4 BSD
xfce4-xmms-plugin - a simple xmms plugin for the Xfce panel0.3.1xfce4 GPL
xfd - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xfdesktop - Desktop manager for the XFce Desktop Environment4.2.3xfce4 GPL
xffm - Next generation filemanager and SMB network navigator for XFce44.2.3xfce4 GPL
xfig - An interactive drawing tool3.2.4graphic OpenSource
xfmedia - a simple and easy-to-use media player for Xfce0.9.1xfce4 GPL
xfontsel - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xforms - A GUI toolkit based on Xlib for X Window Systems1.0.90x11 LGPL
xfprint - Print dialog and printer manager for XFce 44.2.3xfce4 BSD
xfs - X font server1.0.2xorg OpenSource
xfsinfo - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xfsprogs - XFS filesystem utilities2.8.4filesystem GPL
xfwm4 - Next generation window manager for xfce4.2.3.2xfce4 GPL
xfwm4-themes - Additionnal themes for xfwm44.2.3xfce4 GPL
xfwp - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xgamma - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xgc - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xhost - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
xine-lib - A free Vide Player library1.1.2multimedia GPL
xine-ui - A free Video Player0.99.4multimedia GPL
xineramaproto - Xinerama extension headers1.1.2xorg OpenSource
xinetd - An alternative inet implementation2.3.14base Free-to-use
xinit - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xjdic23 - Japanese - English Translater2.3dictionary GPL
xkbcomp - Compiles XKB keyboard description1.0.2xorg OpenSource
xkbdata - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xkbevd - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xkbprint - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xkbutils - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xkill - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xli - An image display program for X created from xloadimage1.17.0x11 OpenSource
xload - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xlockmore - A collection of screen-savers and -lockers for X5.21x11 BSD
xlogo - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xlsatoms - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xlsclients - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xlsfonts - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xmag - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xmame - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) for UNIX0.106emulators GPL
xman - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xmessage - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xmh - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xmlstarlet - A set of command line XML utilities1.0.1textproc MIT
xmms - X Mult-Media System1.2.10audio GPL
xmms-alarm - Alarm-clock plugin for XMMS0.3.7audio GPL
xmms-arts - Xmms-output-plugin that uses artsd as output target0.7.1audio GPL
xmms-crossfade - A XMMS output plugin for crossfading and gapless output0.3.10audio GPL
xmms-infinity - XMMS visualization plugin0.6.1audio GPL
xmms-jack - XMMS output plugin to use Jack0.15audio GPL
xmms-nas - XMMS output plugin to use NAS0.2audio GPL
xmms-nebulus - An OpenGL/SDL visual plugin for MP3 players0.7.0audio GPL
xmms-winamp-x-theme - A nice replacement for the dark default XMMS skin1.01audio GPL
xmms2 - a redesign of the XMMS music player0.2DrCoxaudio GPL
xmodmap - A utility for modifying keymaps and pointer button mappings in X1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xmore - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xmp - A player for various audio formats2.0.4audio GPL
xmule - A multiplatform fork of eMule client1.12.2network GPL
xorg-server - The X.org server1.0.2xorg OpenSource
xosd - Library for displaying shaped text2.2.12x11 GPL
xosview - Displays many system related stats1.8.3x11 GPL
xpdf - A PDF viewer for X (which does not use ghostview ;-)3.01pl1graphic GPL
xphelloworld - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xplanet - Draws planets in a X11 window - similar to Xearth1.2.0x11 GPL
xplsprinters - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xpp - X Printing Panel1.5printing GPL
xpr - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xprehashprinterlist - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xprop - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xproto - X11 protocol headers7.0.5xorg OpenSource
xproxymanagementprotocol - X Proxy Management Protocol headers1.0.2xorg OpenSource
xrandr - A primitive command line interface to RandR extension1.0.2xorg OpenSource
xrdb - X server resource database utility1.0.2xorg OpenSource
xrefresh - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xrick - A clone of Rick Dangerous021212games GPL
xsane - A full SANE environment0.991graphic GPL
xscreensaver - A collection of screen-savers and -lockers for the X window system5.03x11 BSD
xserver - Kdrive based modular X server2006-04-01x11-ng OpenSource
xset - User preference utility for X1.0.2xorg OpenSource
xsetmode - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
xsetpointer - A modular X package1.0.0xorg OpenSource
xsetroot - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xskat - The Skat card game4.0games OpenSource
xsm - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xsnow - A X-windows application that will let it snow on your desktop1.41x11 Free-to-use
xstdcmap - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xsteak - A german english off-line dictionary1.7.3dictionary GPL
xterm - A terminal emulator for the X Window System213x11 MIT
xtrans - Abstract network code for X1.0.0xorg OpenSource
xtrap - X Trap Library1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xtris - A multiplayer version of the classical game of Tetris1.15games GPL
xv - Interactive image display for the X Window System3.10ax11 Commercial
xvattr - XVideo command line attribute control1.3x11 GPL
xvid - A high performance and high quality MPEG-4 video de-/encoding library1.1.3multimedia OpenSource
xvid4conf - xvid4conf creates XviD configuration files1.12multimedia OpenSource
xvidcap - A small tool to capture things going on on an X-Windows display1.1.3-p7multimedia GPL
xvidtune - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xvinfo - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xwd - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xwininfo - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xwud - A modular X package1.0.1xorg OpenSource
xzgv - Gtk+ image viewer0.8graphic GPL
yaboot - An OpenFirmware bootloader for PowerPC1.3.13powerpc GPL
yafray - A free raytracer written in C++0.0.8graphic LGPL
yakuake - An alternative KDE terminal emulator2.7.5kde GPL
yasm - A complete rewrite of the NASM assembler0.4.0x86 BSD
yelp - The GNOME-2 Help Browser2.14.3gnome2 LGPL
yersinia - A framework for layer 2 attacks0.5.6security GPL
yp-tools - NIS (YP) clients2.9network GPL
ypbind - A client for the network information system (NIS)3.3network GPL
ypserv - Simple network lookupservice consisting of databases and processes2.19network GPL
yudit - A free (Y)unicode text editor for all unices2.7.8editors GPL
zapping - A TV viewer application for the Gnome desktop0.9.6multimedia GPL
zaptel - Zapata Telephony Interface Drivers for Digium cards1.2.10network GPL
zd1201-fw - Firmware files for ZyDAS 12010.14firmware Free-to-use
zebra - TCP/IP based routing protocol implementation0.95network GPL
zenity - A Gtk+ dialog tool2.14.3gnome2 LGPL
zeroinstall - The Zero Install system0.1.27network GPL
zile - Zile is Lossy Emacs2.2.13editors GPL
zip - PKZIP compatible compression and file packaging utility231archiver OpenSource
zisofs-tools - Tools for ISO filesystems with transparent compression1.0.7filesystem GPL
zlib - A general purpose (ZIP) data compression library1.2.3archiver OpenSource
zope - Zope application server2.9.8zope OpenSource
zope3 - Zope application server3.2.1zope OpenSource
zsh - Z-Shell4.2.6shells GPL
zwiki - A powerful wiki engine for Zope0.54.0zope OpenSource
zziplib - ZIP file access library0.13.45archiver GPL