gnue-forms: GNUe's data-aware user-interface generator.1

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GNUe Forms is a data-aware user-interface generator. In more specific terms, Forms, using a clean XML-based definition, can display the same functional user interface in various physical mediums, whether GUI, HTML, console, or via a telephone-response system. Forms is designed from the ground up to describe a functional, database-backed interface, with no emphasis on particular widget sets. A form should be equally usable in a console/text-based environment as it is in a GUI setting.

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Author: GNUe Project <gnue [at] gnu [dot] org>
Maintainer: Alejandro Mery <amery [at] t2-project [dot] org>

License: GPL
Status: Stable
Version: 0.5.12

Download: gnue-forms-0.5.12.tar.gz

T2 source: gnue-forms.cache
T2 source: gnue-forms.desc

Build time (on reference hardware): 1630% (relative to binutils)2

Installed size (on reference hardware): 2.78 MB, 628 files

Dependencies (build time detected): 00-dirtree bash bzip2 ccache coreutils diffutils findutils gcc glibc gnue-common grep numpy patch pil py-mx pygtk python sed sysfiles tar wxpython xorg zope

Installed files (on reference hardware): n.a.

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