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DocBook is a widely used XML scheme for writing documentation and help. It has a very rich markup which allows you to use XSL stylesheets to produce various target formats such as HTML, PostScript, PDF, RTF, and HTMLHelp. ScrollKeeper was designed with an emphasis on DocBook, since it has the richest markup of all commonly used documentation formats which allows ScrollKeeper to extract the most useful information from the document itself.

The DocBook DTD and stylesheets are typically distributed in packages which lack installation scripts. In the past, installation was simple enough that users could easily just copy the files into place. Now that modern XML libraries, such as libxml, support XML catalogs, correct installation of DTD's and stylesheets require proper catalog registration. The following packages are based on Norman Walsh's standard packages, but are modified to have installation scripts to correctly register the files:

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Author: Norman Walsh <ndw [at] nwalsh [dot] com>
Maintainer: Rene Rebe <rene [at] t2-project [dot] org>

License: OpenSource
Status: Stable
Version: 412

Download: docbookx412.tgz
Download: docbook-xsl-1.48.tgz

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