Getting New Packages Into T2

The first time you contribute a package you may want to send it, as a patch, to the T2 community. Continuous committees might get write access to the relevant version control system - otherwise patches need to be sent in for modifications.

If you find a bug in a package, scripts or documentation it is usually a good idea to share your findings with others.

Run diff against the original and the files you have changed and send it as a file to the T2 Linux community.

Contribute patches with (for example):

diff -ruN old-tree/ new-tree/ > yourname-t2-patch-yyyymmdd


scripts/Create-Diff old-tree new-tree > yourname-t2-patch-yyyymmdd

which does the same and skips directories like config or download.

Send the patch to the T2 Linux community for inclusion.

To apply a patch use the command:

patch -p1 -i patch-filename

or the automated script which can determine the patch-level and does a dry-run before the user can select whether the patch should really be applied:

./misc/archive/ patch-filename

If you have a lot of changes try and send in the patches as small hunks in separate emails to the mailing-list or the appropriate repository maintainer. Make sure you include a short note on what the patch does.

This is nearly the same procedure as with patches that get sent to the Linux kernel maintainers.