The T2 Handbook

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Since the T2 Handbook is Open Source (see license below) please consider donating a small amount of money if you found the book to be useful. Or consider ordering a printed edition when it is shipping.

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The official T2 SDE Handbook aims to be a general guide and reference documentation for T2. It covers an introduction for those who have never heard of T2 before, some T2 philosophy and a general run down on how to download, configure, build, and install T2 (e.g. Linux) and how to develop custom Linux appliances.

Additionally the handbook explains Unix basics (users, groups, permissions, file-system (mounting), ...) as well as the configuration of basic services, such as NFS, CUPS, X, Apache, Samba, ... for people migration from non-Unix operating systems (Mac OS before X, Windows, OS/2, ...).

Bottom line: The book targeting all users, beginners and experts that either want to learn about the installation, configuration and usage of T2 as distribution or as System Development Environment (Distribution Build Kit). The parts about generic open source packages such as NFS, CUPS, X, Apache, Samba, ... also make it a valuable resource for users of other distributions.


The book is free (licensed under the Open Publication License with license option B).

The books source and be found in a Subversion repository, including write access for external people:

svn co t2-trunk
Note that the trunk has freshly been converted from TeX to Docbook XML and there are still some dangling references and unconverted LaTeX-macros.

Of course contributions to the T2 Handbook are appreciated, just send modified or new text or patches.